A Look-Back at Sony's Support for the PlayStation Vita

This is where it all started and where it all ends - with Sony itself. The manufacturer of the console is hugely divisive amongst the Vita fanbase because it pulled the plug on development for the console surprisingly early in its life as a result of weak sales, but Sony did manage to release a variety of brilliant titles during the time it was active. This article undoubtedly therefore concentrates on the early years of the Vita's life, but thanks to small initiatives such as Gio Corsi and his Third Party Productions (3PP) team, Sony managed to be fairly active much later than it is first assumed, even if 3PP#s output as a whole was full of missed opportunities.

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Deep-throat253d ago

Golden Abyss should be on the PS4, no downgrades this time. They had to downgrade the graphics for the PSVITA.

mercyblades253d ago

Would have been nice if it was included in the Nathan Drake collection!

lptmg253d ago

when you compare the way they supported the PSP, though, man that was a disappointment, especially because (most of) their Vita games were actually pretty good, like Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush and, hell, even having PS All Stars on-the-go made it better than the PS3 version

GamesMaster1982253d ago

As much as i love Sony and all their product's. But Sony's Support for the Vita that's a Fing joke right ?.

PhoenixUp252d ago

I still find it hilarious how even though Sony abandoned Vita later on, the handheld still sold more than Wii U which was heavily supported by Nintendo throughout most of its life until its last year