When's Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite going to catch its stride?

When the fighting game community first saw Ryu and Mega Man X pop up on the main screen at PlayStation Experience 2016, a reinvigorated sense of hype surged through Marvel vs. Capcom fans... the legacy would finally continue.

Talk of a fourth MvC game had been floating about for years, and after many months of muted hope (because of the whole Fox/Disney character rights feud) a somewhat unexpected new chapter was suddenly on the horizon.

Unfortunately it seems that was the pinnacle of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite hype.

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Belinker300307d ago

It needs a complete redesign similar to injustice 2 in visuals and more focused combos.Not the cartoon aesthetic and epilepsy inducing fireworks during gameplay

PhoenixUp307d ago

The comic book aesthetic is what defined the series and made it stand apart from other fighters. They shouldn’t get rid of it again

Belinker300307d ago

Yeah but time to change don't you think.Marvel characters modelled like their DC counterparts in Injustice

PhoenixUp307d ago

Hell no. A large criticism of MvC:I is how the art style is no longer distinct and how many of the characters, especially Capcom characters, don’t translate well to the new art style

munchmiller307d ago

This game is well beyond feasible repair. It would cost far more to fix it than it's worth sadly.