GameStop Hosting a 4 For $10 Game Sale, Including Various Xbox One & PlayStation 4 Titles

GameStop sure knows how to line up some good used game sales – and this week is no exception.

The company has launched a new sale that’s going on over the next few days, in which gamers can get their hands on four titles for the low price of $10.

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NotAfanBoyy253d ago (Edited 253d ago )

Pathetic! couldn't even include PS4/XB1 versions of those 360 games.

Death253d ago

The 360 games playable on Xbox One are still a great deal at $2.50 each. Some are even enhanced. This is a clear advantage for b/c when you look at the games being offered.

253d ago
Relientk77253d ago

So many sports games


DialgaMarine253d ago

Literally all old sports games, besides Destiny, on the PS4 side. Games that literally probably don’t have online servers or even a community. Pass.

traumadisaster253d ago

This is really good for young kids starting gaming if their parents play it smart like I did. I've purposely kept a generation behind the last few years for my kids to enjoy the wii, then 360, and ps3. From age 5 to now 9 that's all they had so they were very happy as it was new to them. Heck they played the heck out of kinect and move too.

Friends at school must not play much as there is minimal talk of the latest games. Two Christmas's ago I picked up a cheap wii u and they loved it. This past Christmas I brought down my x1 for them to play the swbf1.

Now I just explain to them we will stay behind a gen and pick up 4 games for $60 rather than 1 for $60. I'll see how long I can hold out.

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