Why Full Motion Video Was Horrible on Sega CD

The Sega CD sucked at Full Motion Video. Why was that? It is not what you think as Retro Gaming Magazine secured footage proving even the Genesis could do better FMV.

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GamesMaster1982257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Don’t know about horrible, but Sega CD aka Mega CD here in U.K. was a decent console and well ahead for its time I remember getting one Finally for Xmas after asking for ages. Got Power Rangers Night Trap and Sonic Cd the 3 games I wanted since I had been reading about in the Sega magazines . And must admit it was one of the best Xmas ever . Ahh times like that remind me why I still game today

HonoredShadow257d ago

I agree. Great times in the U.K. Seeing this machine running in a local shop blew me away.

pubex257d ago

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eferreira257d ago

How could you think power rangers was a great game? It was a grainy episode with some qte’s that don’t effect the video.

Night trap was only a little cool because it was edgy in some spots but boring no less. This is coming from someone who just bought the collectors edition for the PS4.

Sonic cd was a gem, had some great music and an awesome intro.

GamesMaster1982257d ago

Yeah i agree the Power Rangers game is bad, but back then i was just a huge fan of Power Rangers so i did not really care how it played just that it was Power Rangers.

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T2X257d ago

It was fantastic for the time! Just like in 20 years from now, everything will most likely be like Ready Player 1. ANd they'll say how today's games sucked.

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Neonridr257d ago

haha.. because it only filled like the center portion of the screen. The framerate and bit rate for the videos were atrocious. But it was cool at the time I guess, since nobody else was doing it.

Cobra951257d ago

Utter nonsense. The Genesis may have been able to play back at a faster bitrate from a cartridge than a stream from the CD, but it would be a very short clip, and eat up most if not all of the cart. For a game based on FMV, the CD was a practical necessity. The other thing this article barely mentions is software technology. The very concept of digitizing video was fairly new in the late '80s. People were floored when full-color photographs first started appearing on PC screens, through dithering to 16 colors, or a low-resolution 256-color mode. They were just used to seeing text, charts, graphs and simple drawings. As the concept took flight, devs developed the software technology to take what used to be an analog visual medium, and digitize it more convincingly. This was a long process, since the hardware technology had to catch up to the ideas.

To digitize a new movie using current software technology is not at all a fair way to judge this hardware in its own time.

Godmars290257d ago

Again, another instance of past past tech being compared to current while ignoring that it was a transitional step to current tech.

JackBNimble257d ago

No kidding... I was playing with this tech before I even knew what a PlayStation was.
We should remember that this was before the Saturn and ps1.

cd1257d ago

I see your Mega CD and raise you an Acorn Electron :)

Deathdeliverer257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Silpheed, Sonic CD, and Batman returns were 3 standouts for me. I had Night Trap and no manual so I had absolutely no clue.

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The story is too old to be commented.