‘Rayman Legends’ Teaches Lessons That Can Take a Lifetime to Learn

Despite it's unique art style and less recognizable characters, it would be easy to make the false assumption that Rayman Legends is just like any other platformer. It's not.

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Xenophon_York348d ago

Just yesterday I was contemplating if it's silly or not that video games can cause profoundly deep revelations about life, existence and social decency.

Twenty years ago it was certainly more rare for a video game to have a strong, morally driven storyline. And if one would had claimed video games were a powerful tool for the soul to a priest or guru it'd been met with a snicker and pat-on-the-back.

Nowadays, however, games can be considered art, they can save post traumatic stress disorder-laden soldiers from depression and anxiety, and yes, video games can even enlighten an instigative, nihilistic young soul and/hater. Of course, the big trick is to coalesce games of spiritual awakening with the games of anger-ridden, AAA, seek-and-destroy mainstream appeal.