Best PS4 Exclusives - Amazing Games That Everyone Should Play

PlayStation Universe takes a lot at the best PS4 exclusives.

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Najtnub255d ago

What about Bloodborne? How is it possible they leave out Bloodborne?


I would put Nioh over Bloodborne personally just for the simple fact that Nioh has a coherent storyline.

I understand that Bloodborne devs "intentionally" made the story cryptic so the player could perceive it any way they wanted to, but I didn't like the fact that I would struggle through ferociously difficult enemies without any clue as to WHY I'm putting myself as the player through this mental stress.

With punishingly hard games like DMC3 for example, the game rewarded you with a stylish cutscene that moved the story forward each time you beat a chapter. I would keep pushing through tough bosses because I knew I would be rewarded with more knowledge of what was going on. I never felt this way with Bloodborne

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kevnb255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

I don’t get that at all, these games don’t really have that great of a story anyway. I mean wouldn’t it be better to just watch a movie than suffer through gameplay you obviously don’t even enjoy?

LP-Eleven255d ago

Bloodborne should make the list. No question about it. Was one of the best games you could buy on the platform in 2015.

morganfell255d ago

I wouldn't for two reasons. I just prefer Bloodborne and second reason is this is an article about exclusives and Nioh isn't an exclusive.

AspiringProGenji255d ago (Edited 254d ago )

If you rely want to know Soulsborne story, follow Vaatividya on Youtube. Also BB’s story is the best and easiest to follow but still criptic. In soulsborne game you are not rewarded with story So I think you played it with the wrong mindset

As awesome as Nioh was, BB still tops it. Soulsborne formula can’t be perfectly replicated

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen255d ago

Great list. However, there's only one flaw... How could you not mention Bloodborne?

windblowsagain255d ago

Yep Bloodbourne.

Playing through Uncharted lost legacy on crushing. Dam it's hard. But a Great game. It's like Uncharted 4 but without all the waffle at the beginning.


I consider Lost Legacy to be the best Uncharted game. Uncharted 4 gave up a lot of the over-the-top action the series is known for in order to create a more emotional story. It DOES work as I got choked up during several points in the game, but it lacks the expert pacing of Lost Legacy.

Game devs need to stop making games long for the sake of being long. It makes sense with JRPGs, but not for linear 3rd person action games.

Skankinruby255d ago

I'll never understand the argument of pacing. The lost legacy was fun but absolutely soulless compared to uncharted 4. If gameplay is all you care about then I suppose it suits the needs.

kevnb255d ago

Gameplay is the most important part of a game, I don’t even think the story of uncharted 4 was all that great tbh.

Belinker300255d ago

HZD is def a PS4 showstopper,but earlier games Infamous second son and First Light are still amazing and hold up to this day.


You're right. Second Son virtually looks like a completely different game when you play it on the Pro in HDR and 60fps.

ninsigma255d ago

No love for bloodborne!? 😢
Great games on that list though. Currently going through Persona (first ever persona for me) and man it's so stylish and fun!

authentic255d ago

No Bloodborne or Nier: Automata? The two best PS4 console exclusives IMO

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