Xbox One gets three more Backwards Compatible titles – Are they worth the return?

Carlos writes: "Although they may have allowed a break for the Christmas period, it seems the team in charge of bringing Xbox 360 titles to the Xbox One via Xbox Backwards Compatibility are now in full swing, with countless new titles being added since the turn of the year. Now we are seeing even more additions being made."

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PUBG913d ago

I suppose like any game, if you are a fan, or if you've never played the game before, then it's worth it. The Darkness 2 is worth a replay for sure, but I'd really like the original game to be added to the list. The Darkness was one of my favorite experiences last gen.

Chevalier913d ago

Spec Ops was a pretty good game. May scoop that up cheap and play it again

XbladeTeddy912d ago

Loved Spec Ops. Completed that 3 times. Had a brilliant narrative.

TheRealTedCruz912d ago

Re-install it on Steam for a quick run-through every year or so.

912d ago
TheColbertinator912d ago

Still waiting for MGS HD Collection

Deep-throat912d ago

Wait for something greater bro! MGS 1-4 remaster!

PUBG912d ago

I would love to see MGS4 remastered. That game was another one of my top games from last gen.

TheColbertinator912d ago

Yeah thats fine too. I just want Peace Walker on the X and/or Steam.

GamesMaster1982912d ago (Edited 912d ago )

Sorry bro but no console ever will ever get to experience MGS4 apart for PS3. Yeah it’s a shame. All to do with how hard it was to make for the PS3 console,and is impossible to replicate apart from say remaking it from scratch

iNcRiMiNaTi912d ago

That and Zoe HD collection would be cool too

Pantz912d ago

YESS always wanted to get around to playing Darkness 2 and Spec Ops. Thanks Xbox!

Darkwatchman912d ago

I hope Spec-Ops: The Line gets the 4K enhancement like some of the backwards compatible titles have. I love that game.

Profchaos912d ago

I'd love to see midnight club LA and max Payne 3 get the BC treatment

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The story is too old to be commented.