How Nintendo is pulling off an incredible comeback

Nintendo has had one of the most impressive comebacks in recent years thanks to its new Switch console.

If Nintendo can keep the hits coming, it may eclipse the stratospheric highs it reached following the release of the Wii back in 2006. But that will require a steady stream of high-profile games, proof that its mobile strategy is working and ensuring that it can pull in the kinds of big-name, volume-selling titles that power the modern games industry.

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strayanalog259d ago

It has been such a turnaround, one for the books, but that proves the old adage of "never count out Nintendo" for a new generation's, no doubt, go-to example.
Truthfully, there's nothing here I can say that no one hasn't already said, so all I can do is wait till E3 to see their horizon. If Nintendo continues to up their game for their second year with great releases, both from them and third-party, and hopefully sneak in some surprises, then they should be fine.
As for another "golden age" of Nintendo, that would be great, both for the community and the competition, so the sooner that happens the better. But golden age or not, I just want healthy competition from all the Big 3, so I would settle for a feistier Nintendo which seems to be the message I'm getting now.‎

_-EDMIX-_259d ago

Well I'm not sure if I could say this is a comeback as much as business-as-usual simply because Nintendo has always been very successful in regards to Portable devices.

Look at the 3DS and DS.

Tazzy259d ago

But the Switch hooks up to a tv through HDMI which makes it a console so they win both ways as a portable on the go and a home console. This is a huge comeback for Nintendo it surpassed Wii U in 10 months and surpassed what PS4 sold in its first year in 10 months thats success.

DwightSchrute01259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Well Nintendo hasn't any plans to release any portable devices as their current hybrid device is taking care of business just fine, selling like hot cakes.

The 10th Rider259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Couldn't you turn this exact same comment around and make it about the PS4 in regards to home console sales?

"Well I'm not sure if I could say these are great sales as much as business-as-usual simply because Sony has always been very successful in regards to home consoles.

Look at the PS1 and PS2."

I guess you're not impressed by the PS4 sales either, LOL.

Just stop man, the Switch is successful. It's doing far better than you've been saying it would and you're *still* here trying to downplay it. Even if it's not your thing you can recognize it's success. Sony does incredibly well in the home console market and Nintendo does incredibly well in the portable/handheld/hybrid market. Right now Switch's first year sales and PS4's are pretty dang comparable, and estimates for the next year of Switch sales put it around the PS4's second year as well. Both are successful and it's a great thing for gaming.

_-EDMIX-_259d ago

@Tazzy- "But the Switch hooks up to a tv through HDMI " So does my phone, your point?

_-EDMIX-_259d ago

@10th- "Just stop man, the Switch is successful."

Um...ok. Who is saying its not?

My comment literally states

"Nintendo has always been very successful in regards to Portable devices" ie continuing their success with the successful Switch.

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Tazzy257d ago Show
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masterfox259d ago

Thankfully we have Playstation to maintain this gaming industry healthy with real new games, not just simple new games, but with actually stunning looking awesome NEW games!. ;)

superchiller259d ago ShowReplies(6)
Skankinruby259d ago

It's neither incredible or a comeback, it's same old Nintendo with a different gimmick. Same redundant games, I don't care how high they score it's still mario and zelda over and over.

wonderfulmonkeyman259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Don't even TRY the "redundant themes" argument against Nintendo gamers.

Give any sane and unbiased gamer a single evening.
Under YOUR LOGIC, they could draw so many parallels between how so many third party titles out there play similarly to each other, and even how some first-party titles from others play similarly, that your head would spin trying to think up a rebuttal after realizing your criticism of Nintendo games applies to pretty much any company out there that has a long-running IP, or even some that have only a few new ones that feel exactly like other games you've already played.

Saying it's "just mario and Zelda over and over" as a slam against Nintendo games, is just concentrated hypocrisy from someone who has not been paying attention to the differences, while forgiving the exact same phenomenon from games on any other system.

Skankinruby259d ago

Lol you sound like a politician, lots of words without making a single point. Dreams, uncharted, day's gone, spiderman, Detroit, God of war, Horizon, TLOU, death stranding, infamous, street fighter, hellblade, bloodborne, mlb the show.....that's quality,quantity, and diversity Nintendo could never dream of.

superchiller259d ago ShowReplies(4)
Prince_TFK259d ago

If Sony and MS have the same successful IPs like Mario and Zelda, do you think they would just make one game and then move on?

WeebLord259d ago

Because games like Odyssey are a dime a dozen, shelves crammed with Mario likes making the beautiful, polished, tight gameplay of Odyssey seem like such a chore to play.

Mario appeals and has lasting staying power because of Nintendo's ability to change up small things and large things. If every game was Mario 64 then this would have stopped ages ago, but it hasn't and won't because each iteration is different. Thankfully like anything it doesn't require your attention, like this news article you could have just moved on.

The last Zelda title was Skyward Sword in 2011, if you want to include the HD remakes of windwaker and TP that's your deal but it's irrelevant. Zelda is the furthest thing from other franchises that have been ground into dust. You and Super chiller should start some kind of try hard edgelord group, it'll be the best.

_-EDMIX-_259d ago

I don't believe it's incredible because it is a concept that has been done before.

I don't know if I could say to come back because they're handhelds have always been traditionally pretty successful..

But I don't know if I would go as far as to say you're seeing the same redundant games I would argue Nintendo is much more conservative right now and you're seeing Nintendo at least try to release games that are similar to the ones they've done previously I would argue it was Nintendo previously that kept erratically altering games for features people were not asking for as not a good thing.

So nothing is wrong with not caring about Mario or Zelda.

But that is what works for Nintendo evident by their High sales. If anything I would say Nintendo releasing the same content is not going to get consumers like you to purchase their device and I believe that is a real problem because it shows they're not changing enough to get in new consumers.

If I believe right now what Nintendo needs to do is buckle down continue releasing very conservative releases so that way they could get the few customers that still like the company to be on board buying software from specific series again.

I don't like what I saw from Kirby yarn stuff.. I don't like what I saw from all their stupid gimmicks so to finally see a Kirby game that is just a Kirby game or Yoshi game that is just a Yoshi game or Splatoon to be like Splatoon one is actually very good and healthy for the company.

The fans ask them to stop with the gimmicks...

You're now not getting gimmicks from some of these games and you're getting more solid stable consistent classic releases as opposed to "look at this new control scheme that no one's asking for".

I believe that is something the community is not really talking about and I've noticed most people don't even realize this and I believe this was a huge reason why you saw a massive decrease in Nintendo fans over the generations.

So I would argue that is right now more important to maintain the base that they have before they start to look for new audiences.

Tazzy259d ago

Mario Odyssey over 9 million copies sold in 3 months has Playstation or Microsoft done that?? Fastest selling console EVER is Microsoft or Sony tagged to that accomplishment?? NO NO NO

Skankinruby259d ago

Lol fastest selling console? It couldn't even outsell a 4 year old ps4 in its launch year

meganick259d ago


Switch’s launch year isn’t over yet. The one year mark is early March. We’ll compare sales then.

Tazzy257d ago

@ngaydazng7 GTA V didn't sell that many on one console in the first 3 months.

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link2Dpast259d ago

I mean that's not even adding the fact they haven't remastered plenty of replayable titles. There remaster library will be godly, even obscure ones like Mario strikers, Mario baseball, etc... so many past titles that deserve a second look for new gamers. In the end you could push a system to the max but without titles it's not even a system, quality over quantity has been the motto for ninty

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