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Splinter Cell 360 Screenshots

Sam Fisher's next-gen adventure stuns in a fresh batch of Xbox 360 screenshots. As you can see from the screenshots, Double Agent seems to offer a little more variety in the action department than previous series entries. Some of these screenshots show off Double Agent's new 'directed moments', which are essentially interactive cut-scenes. In the pictured sky-diving scene for example, you'll be able to pull off 'extreme stunts' and activate Sam's parachute.According to Ubisoft, Splinter Cell: Double Agent is still penned for release this September.

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The Real Deal6375d ago (Edited 6375d ago )

Thats the thing. Microsoft gamers aren't fans that talk about games. We are fans that PLAY games. Thus the 5 games per consold sold ratio. Sony fans are fans that talk and talk but don't even buy the games they talk about. Thus the 1 or 2 games per consold sold ratio. Fact....Soon with Live Anywhere there will be 100 million gamers united over xbox live. PC Gamers and 360 gamers united. Thats exciting. We are Gamers. We play games and have fun. Jump in ! ! !

Wotbot6375d ago

The pic in the snow looks cool. That one shot looks as good as MGS4.

achira6375d ago (Edited 6375d ago )

this game looks good but nowhere near MGS4. another reason MGS4 will be better is the destructive environment and better physics. but anyone can play the game he wants. i must admit when i played the first splinter cell i was astonished how well the graphic was especially the light effects, but the gameplay was not so good in my opinion.

Gh0stDrag0n6375d ago

Did you ever think both games will be great? It is possable you know.

achira6375d ago

yes you are right both games will be good. but i think mgs4 will be more special

Wotbot6375d ago

How do you know it will have better physics?

THAMMER16375d ago

All of that footage you saw for MG was CGI. And none of it was on final hardware so get smart dude. Every body knows that if you were to compare the 2 games Splinter Cell will win due to haw realistic it is and MG will win because of nostalgia.

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Funky Town_TX6375d ago

Has this yellow haze over everything. I know the Ps2 versions have this, but I thought that the next gen had cleaner air. The only thing MGS4 has on Splinter CELL is the cut sceens. I hate cut sceens. I rather watch a movie. Is the yellow haze part of the plot, let me know.

Caxtus7506372d ago

i agree about haze. Is it me or do alot have PS2 titles have a fuzzy/hazey pixel flickering? Resident Evil 4 is a big example of haze!! is it to do with bad framerate?

USMChardcharger6375d ago

there is nothing out there that looks this good yet.
Chaos Theory was unreal as far as gameplay and graphics go. Double Agent looks to top that some how.
this game will have destructive environment and better physics than any game in its class. sept. can't come soon enough.