Ten Games that Deserve a Remake

Shadow of the Colossus is perhaps one of the best remakes ever made and its remaster will give countless players who never had the chance to play through the original masterpiece a wonderful opportunity to scratch it off their bucket lists. These following games are similarly fantastic, but many haven’t aged well and are hard to go back to considering how far technology has come. Without further ado, here are ten games that deserve a makeover.

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DarkZane262d ago

If Zelda Skyward Sword is remade, I hope they make it playable with a normal controller instead of doing like the site suggest and using the joy-con to mimic motion plus. The game absolutely didn't need it, it was forced. Everything you could do in the game could have easily been done normally with a controller. It was a good game, except the motion controls completely ruined it and made it one of the worst Zelda game ever made.

CandarianGaming261d ago

I personally love the game and the controls but the option to use a normal controller should be mandatory especially at this day and age.

on_line_forever262d ago

I need remake for
- Parasite eve 1 & 2
- Vagrant story with same gameplay and combat in dark souls 3
- legend of dragon
- Silent Hill 1

ShottyatLaw262d ago

Yes to all. The 3rd Birthday should be in the PE remake list, too.

jreeves82262d ago

Mass Effect trilogy remastered or The Legend of Dragoon