Whatever Happened To... Two Worlds?

Ethan Butterfield from GameGrin wrote "Has there ever been a point when you’ve looked through your gaming library and wondered, “Huh, whatever happened to this title?"

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maximumburrito347d ago

Piece of shit game, i tell you.

TedCruzsTaint347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

I feel like there's a member of reality pump (developer of the Two Worlds series ) spamming the comments on here lol. Sounds ridiculous, but I've dealt with one of their community people's in the past. It's actually not that far-fetched. They militantly censor the community conversations on steam. And I was even harassed for giving their latest title, Raven's Cry, a '1', citing that the game was unfinished, and not fit for purpose, back when I used to do reviews for a site.

TheColbertinator347d ago

Ravens Cry was a disaster. So much potential that was broken on every level.

TedCruzsTaint347d ago

First one was garbage. The second was a janky cheese-fest. And then their follow-up release, Raven's Cry, wasn't even complete at launch; doing so badly they re-released it under a new title more than a year later ... still not complete.

Fluxour347d ago

We happily forgot about it. Thanks for reminding us -_-

Porcelain_Chicken347d ago

I'm probably in the minority but I loved the second one! I acknowledge that it wasn't a great game but I enjoyed it thoroughly and even platinumed it >_<

Jinger347d ago

The first one was pretty bad, but I enjoyed the second despite its flaws. A bit rough around the edges, but it was a pretty decent RPG.

slasaru01347d ago

I liked both. I hope they will come to Xbox BC

Jinger347d ago

The first one just had too many big glitches. The second was much smoother and had more polish

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