Is EA's listing As One Of America's Most Hated Companies Too Harsh?

EA once again finds itself high on a list of worst companies. Is it a deserved position for the publisher? Or is it overreaction? Opinion piece.

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maybelovehate255d ago

It does seem silly. Companies out there making products that genuinely harm animals and kill our environment.

UCForce255d ago (Edited 255d ago )

You should know EA isn’t going to learn everything. They screwed people in past and now present. EA will never change with their greedy attitude.

darthv72255d ago

I dislike EA for their anti-competitive nature regarding the NFL license. Their securing exclusive distribution of NFL games really hurt other publishers who had legitimately better products. Plus they shunned Sega during the Dreamcast which lead to Sega and 2k making their own NFL games (better than Madden I might add).

OffRoadKing254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I think what maybelovehate is saying is that in the grand scheme of things, there are more important issues in the world than rather you feel you got screwed by choosing to buy a game that has microtransactions/lootboxes in it. But I digress.

threefootwang254d ago (Edited 254d ago )


How about you actually read the article?

True, EA is indeed a horrible company, however the writer is making the argument that various companies on this list aren't as hated as EA, and yet these companies have resulted in some pretty horrific atrocities (cancer causing agents, suicides, etc.) compared to the horrible gaming practices EA utilizes

Letthewookiewin254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I hate EA because they couldn’t even have different animations for each character you played as in the single player for BF2. Lando and Leia walk and shoot exactly the same for example. They’re friggin cheep pricks who really don’t give a crap.

ImGumbyDammit254d ago

@darthv72 Anti-Competitive? WTF. Seriously, EA made a play for something that was up for a competitive bid and they won the bid for exclusive rights. That was the competitive part. Remind me is NBC allowing all the other American broadcasting channels to show the Winter Olympics? Is Pepsi served at McDonald's? In fact do they serve they serve McDonald's at Pizza Hut? Does Sony make their fist party games for Xbox are do they shun Xbox? Speaking of sports how are all those Monday night football games on CBS? Hint they aren't allowed to. According to you these would all be anti-competitive as well. If those companies you speak of valued that NFL license they should have found a way to make a better bid. Plain and simple.

I am tired by the whiniest of all this. EA is hated because Millennials in general are crybabies first and foremost. They never learned there are winners and losers. Especially in business. They are the participation trophy generation; show up and get an award, no scoring allowed. This whole idea that EA is hated because they provide a product that millions use every year, year after year. Sure, some issues and you can argue that and in fact the market has affected them for such actions (e.g. loot boxes taken to the max in Battlefront). But, that systemic of the industry not just EA.

Most of you have no idea what a horrible company is. The idea that EA is ever on this list shows the elitist mind set of many of you. Seriously, a gaming company should never be on a list like this (first world problems of sheltered people). Are they mass issues of not paying workers? Are they killing baby seals? Mass dumping of chemicals? Are there even complaints against them by the government? There are so many bad actors in the business world EA shouldn't even be a glancing thought in comparison.

cooperdnizzle254d ago

@ Imgumbydamit. It’s a free market, the market decideds who does well and who doesn’t. That’s the great thing about being a consumer. I’m over the 1st world problem argument, softisma at its best. You are implying that I shouldn’t care because other country’s have it worse? Please give me some other life lessons on this video game site.

PrematuaProcrastin8a254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

@cooperndizzle it's not that you shouldn't care, it's that you shouldn't care about EA being on this list as much as putting other companies on it who are doing much more heinous things than putting m/t into a videogame.

UCForce254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

@threefootwang You are right about that. It’s not just EA. It’s also other companies do terrible thing and way worse than EA of course. But you have to remember EA screwing up consumers for their own agenda just like others as well.

indyman7777254d ago

Okay okay Monsato now that is mass evil, and many say murder.

fenome254d ago


I'm not a millennial and I hate the direction EA has taken the gaming industry. I've been gaming a long time and seen them slowly manipulate and twist it around. Battlefront was just the tip of the iceberg, they've been working on getting this into mainstraim games for a long time now. They eased it in last gen with "cosmetic only" or other superficial crap that was widely accepted, now major publishers everywhere see where the real money is and have subscriptions to everything on top of catching whales. Fuck EA

Worst company in gaming no question, on the grand scheme of things though? Not even close. End of the day these are games, there are cold blooded companies out there who do filthy shit that deserve the spotlight more than them.

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DarkOcelet255d ago

EA is genuinely harming both consumers and developers with their practices tho. Because more publishers will then start implementing such practices and if games don't have successful monetizations schemes then you can say goodbye to both its developer and a chance for a sequel. So what EA is doing is harming the gaming industry as a whole and will potentially be a major cause of another gaming crash.

PrematuaProcrastin8a254d ago

Exactly, Monsanto, and many mining and pharmaceutical companies to name but a few sectors are genuinely destroying communities and the world we live in to such a degree that it seems silly to put EA on such a list. If it was a list for the most hated companies in entertainment, ok, but there are companies making money from the deaths and misery of humans across the globe that put the policies of EA in perspective.

AspiringProGenji254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

And what does that have to do with Gaming? EA deserves it for taking the gaming community for idiots. There’s no defending for the BF2 fiasco

PrematuaProcrastin8a254d ago

@aspiringprogenji "what does that have to do with gaming". Really? The list is for worst companies, not worst gaming companies. Which is why EA's inclusion is ridiculous in the grand scheme of things. If you can't see that you need to re-evaluate your priorities.

rainslacker254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

You have to look at the list of respondents. If these particular polls were done with the general public, I doubt EA would ever even be a blip in the data. But since they're internet polls, and open to anyone to answer, we see a much higher percentage of people who spend a lot of time online, and have interests that reside in the technical realm....such as video games.

I don't personally think that EA is one of the most hated companies in the US if you look at it in the bigger picture, but I do think they deserve much of the criticism that they do get.

I do think that EA is certainly one of the world's gaming communities most hated companies though. That much is plainly obvious without a poll. It doesn't stop most people from buying their games, but they don't have a good reputation among the hardcore.

threefootwang254d ago

In the gaming world, EA definitely ranks as one of the worst if not THE worst.

However in the real life world, they should be irrelevant, at the end of the day, it's gaming, it's a want, not a need.

PUBG254d ago

"Companies out there making products that genuinely harm animals and kill our environment"

Yeah, products that you more than likely use on a daily basis.

3-4-5254d ago

It's the shareholders pressuring them to get more money and the person at the top who listens to them.

RememberThe357254d ago

Customers see the crap EA pulls right in front of their faces. Most other companies that do real damage have paid settlements that keep the real victims silent. This just shows how incompetent EA is with customer relations.

gamerz254d ago

That's like saying don't hate animal abusers because there are some who actually murder people, which is much worse, so stop hating on animal abusers. So dumb.

If you care about gaming you won't spend any money on EA products. They are ruining the gaming industry and while it's true there are companies that actually harm and kill people, which is worse, EA is ruining the studios and even the nature of games and do so deliberately because profits are the only thing that's matters to them.

PrematuaProcrastin8a254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

@gamerz No, it's like saying there are more serious issues that this list should draw attention to. An entertainment companies inclusion of m/t etc pales in comparison to the genuine crimes some companies are committing. If people can't see that, the world really is screwed. It speaks volumes about the maturity of many people on n4g.

TheSinsibleOne254d ago

Can't believe there's idiots actually disagreeing with you. Jesus, gamers really are idiots.

AnubisG254d ago

And you forgot that there are companies out there who actually kill us or make us sick and dependant on their products. Thos are the most evil ones. (Big Pharma)

PUBG254d ago

I guess you won't be using anything produced by 'big pharma' if you ever become critically ill?

PrematuaProcrastin8a254d ago

@PUBG if he lives in a capitalist society, he won't have much choice, will he? What you have said is like saying if you have a fridge full of food, you shouldn't give to charity to help people who are starving. I can't believe you are defending "big pharma", after everything we know about their practices. You are either brainwashed, or a shareholder or someone who profits from their practices, and I don't know which is worse.

AnubisG254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

No, that is not what I said. What I said that they do a lot of evil on purpose. If or when I become critically ill, I will weigh my options. Western meds have their place but aren't the answer for everything. Look at the health of the world. More depressed people than ever. More people with acid reflux than ever. More cancer than ever. Now, there are many factors to these illnesses but big pharma is in no hurry to cure these because there is no business if you buy meds once and you are healthy. It's better that you live long but sick and take as much meds as possible. They created their returning customers and once you go down that road, it's very hard to come back. If doctors used medications responsibly, we would not have this issue but they get kickbacks from big pharma for perscriptions so they go nuts. Also, did you notice that they never use the word "cure"? They always say "treat" and that is what they do. They treat simptoms and never look for the cause.

rainslacker254d ago (Edited 254d ago )

I think there are worse companies out there, but they are hated enough for people to vote against them. While what they do doesn't have the same kind of negative impact as some other companies policies, like in the financial sectors, EA certainly does piss off a lot of people quite often.

I'd imagine most of the people that vote against them probably aren't aware of who's worse out there, and the problem with most casual internet polls is that they're going to have a higher than average techie base answering them, fueled by people within certain communities who post the link for others to vote also.

On top of that, these polls tend to come out near the end of the year, when EA usually pisses people off the most because it's when they release their higher profile releases, so their actions that piss people off tend to be fresh on people's minds. Kind of like people aren't as upset about things that happened months ago, but are upset about what happens in the here and now.

And lastly, EA tends to get criticized heavily for everything they do, and it makes a lot of the rounds, thus building their perception further and further into the negative. Not that that perception isn't deserved, just that it also helps to drive these notions that they are the worst or most hated companies.

EA's won this coveted award two years in a row....not sure about this year....and it hasn't changed their approach in how they handle their products or the customer, so I highly doubt such things matter much to them.

quantumofmalice254d ago

Yea but Phizer and Rio Tinto don't advertise that they are "For the Players". They are scumbags and proud of it and won't change- no deception there. And i say this liking battlefield/front and UFC games. I don't mind buying game + season pass but with loot boxes there's no limit to the amount you might have to spend to get everything. Thats gambling and greedy bullshit and just a step too far and they knew it but did it anyway.

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XiNatsuDragnel255d ago

Hell nah it's perfect for the nazis they are

ArchangelMike255d ago


Anti-consumer practices for the sake of investor profits needs to die already.

Chaosdreams255d ago

Too harsh? No. Companies can be horrible for different reasons. When it comes to having no respect for the individual and viewing them as a wallet, EA is guilty.

Course there are easily and certainly companies that do more harm to our well being beyond that (real life consequences, such as messing up our planet).

OffRoadKing254d ago

All companies that survive by making profits view people as a wallet, I'm not saying EA doesn't deserve peoples dissatisfaction but they are not unique in the way they operate.

Chaosdreams254d ago

Considering they destroyed BF2 with tying micro transactions into the gameplay in a way that was unheard prior to that moment, yes, I'd say they operate slightly differently than others do (in that circumstance).

But yes. Making a profit is indeed what companies aim for. Just, some show actual care/appreciation in what they do rather than lie/spin words and take advantage of others.

rainslacker254d ago

Exactly. There is certainly a level of degree on just how bad a company can be.

But being hated is a matter of perception, and people hate EA for what they do that has a direct influence on something we care about. I'm sure people that love animals would hate companies that test their products on cute little bunnies more than they'd hate EA.

EA deserves the criticism they get. Is listing them as one of the most hated companies too harsh? Probably not if they deserve it. Just because others may deserve it...maybe even deserve it more....doesn't mean that there are more people out there that actually hate them as much, or express such hate on a regular basis, or vote in such polls which indicate hate. EA gets a lot more press for the terrible things they do than the average company that is likely actually worse for us or the world in general. So, obviously the hate lobbed at them is going to be more constant.