Harry Potter and the Evolution of Gaming From 2001-2011

The perks of having an eight-movie franchise based on the Harry Potter books with a tie-in game for each movie is that you can tell a lot about the state of gaming at the time.

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-Gespenst-1267d ago

Strange title for a Harry Potter book.

Relientk771267d ago

Hoping for a new Harry Potter game soon that's actually good. Hasn't been one in awhile. Really enjoyed the 2 Lego Harry Potter games though.

SegaGamer1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

It doesn't even need to be Harry Potter. Just make a massive game about Hogwarts and you play as kid that has to work his or her way up through the years. If done right, it can be a really great game.

gamer78041267d ago

Harry Potter coop diablo style game please, or mmo please, anything but a phone game please