Thank Nintendo's failed Wii U for the Switch's wild success

The Switch has become the fastest selling console in U.S. history. Whether Nintendo's path was premeditated, great timing, or pure luck, the company should be very thankful for its strange, stopgap console. Without testing the waters and giving an idea time to gestate, Nintendo really might have been over as a console maker.

It’s quickly becoming the preferred platform. And it could not have happened without the Wii U.
Those 14.86 million Switch owners owe the Wii U a debt of gratitude.

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wonderfulmonkeyman259d ago

There will still be games on the Wii U that the Switch won't get, so I'm still grateful I own one.
It won't make me go back to the Wii U more often than playing on my Switch, but it's not like I'm going to give up my collection or anything.XD

darthv72258d ago

I thank the switch for the fire sale on WiiU games at various stores. I just got BotW for $20 and there are a few others i am hoping to score for cheap like Mario color Splash and Devil's Third.

JaguarEvolved258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

The n64 was a failure, the GameCube was a failure and the Wii u was a failure. The switch is doing well now but still suffers from a lack of games like the other failed Nintendo consoles I mentioned. I think because of a lot of the failed consoles by Nintendo the switch is selling well now because of a lot of the fans have been waiting for a good enough Nintendo console for years. The n64 sold 30million compared to 110million ps1 . The GameCube sold 20million while the ps2 sold 160million. I wonder how many units of the switch will be sold in the end of its gen because its already having game droughts for a new console. Only a handful of games are announced so far coming out for the switch this year while ps4 has multiple games coming out for it every week this year. A Nintendo fanboy will say switch has a lot of games coming out but can barely name them and the few they can name consists of mostly ports and mobile phone type games

Prince_TFK258d ago (Edited 258d ago )


“The switch is doing well now but still suffers from a lack of games like the other failed Nintendo consoles I mentioned”

You put “Nintendo” and “lack of games” in the same sentence? You must be mad.

“A Nintendo fanboy will say switch has a lot of games coming out but can barely name them and the few they can name consists of mostly ports and mobile phone type games”

Umm...ok...what was the memorable PS4 or X1 games during their first year on the market?

_-EDMIX-_258d ago (Edited 258d ago )


It took the Wii U for Nintendo to finally realize that going portable only makes more sense. It was a very smart move that many in The Gaming Community predicted a long long time ago.

Xenophon_York258d ago

You didn't happen to watch that episode Win or Wince a few years ago that hypothesized the Nintendo NX was going to be a portable hybrid, did you?

SuperSonic91258d ago

" Thank Nintendo's failed Wii U for the Switch's wild success"

That is probably one of the most twisted logic Nintendo fans canncome upnwith in recent days.

The 3DS's and the Wii U's initial failures costed Nintendo so much and theae guys are thankful for that?
It coste Mr. Iwatas healthbproblems to deteriorate to the point of death.
He has to cut his salary and all that negative stuff leading to his death.

I know some stuff on how cut throat it is to work inside Nintendo that its fans are not aware.

TheColbertinator258d ago


Well put. Many gamers bought one really hoping for that top notch support but it never really came. Nintendo lost a few lifelong fans with the WiiU.

_-EDMIX-_258d ago

Well it's simply saying they made a positive decision out of something that was clearly hurting them.

The Wii U at least gave them the answer to whether or not fans wanted them to keep making home consoles.

I mean we still have to address the current Decline and hardware sales yes, but I think they need to focus on one problem at a time.

deafdani258d ago

Do you have proof that Nintendo's situation gave Iwata bile duct cancer?


Then lay off those incredibly stupid claims.

SuperSonic91258d ago

I think Switch sales can be attributed to the 60 million strong 3DS fanbase.

This is Nintendo playing where they are strong at.

They learned from other mobile devices features like tablets, Morphus 300 and the mistake of the PS Vita having no TV Out.
Sony spread the Vita brand too thin by doing the PS TV instead of just giving TV out to the PSVita.

PS4 has boxes out Nintendo from the home console turf and Nintendo wised up to go full portable.

Now if we can have a portable version of the PS4....

_-EDMIX-_258d ago

"PS4 has boxes out Nintendo from the home console turf and Nintendo wised up to go full portable"


Prince_TFK258d ago

Hybrid, not portable only.

Edmix 🤦‍♀️

SuperSonic91258d ago

So the PSP can be considered a hybrid too?

Prince_TFK258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Was the PSP advertised as such? Was the PSP come included with a dock in the package? Was the PSP come with a detachable controller? Did playing in TV mode improved the PSP’s resolution?

_-EDMIX-_257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

@Kun- "Was the PSP advertised as such?" Doesn't need to be. How the company markets it has nothing to do with what it actually is...

That would be like saying because a company didn't market the phone, by your doesn't exist.

Nothing to do with this and irrelevant.

"Was the PSP come included with a dock in the package?" It coming with a tv out or not doesn't change the facts around what both can do.


"Was the PSP come with a detachable controller?"

The PSP can use the PS3, irrelevant to if it came with one or not, fact can work, so. Not sure why this obsession with what is packed in or not. It would be like trying to argue if a feature on iphone vs a Galaxy and your argument is "iphone has it packed in" when they are not talking about what is packed in or not, simply if the device can do a certain feature. Sorry but HOW they were "advertised" or what was "included" is extremely irrelevant. "Did playing in TV mode improved the PSP’s resolution?" That doesn't make the features different, it simply means that the TV for Switch is indicative of a tv out in 2017 vs 2008.

That would be like me saying the PS4 isn't' like the PS3 because of their difference in resolutions. What is being compared is not direct specs, or how it was advertised, or what was packed in or sold separately. sooooo PS3 and PS4 are BOTH consoles. One having a different spec vs the other doesn't change WHAT is being compared in terms of concept ie IDEA. Sooooo yes, PSP is to Switch, as PS3 is to PS4. Keep in mind, that isn't even saying thats a bad thing either, you simply see it as this negative thing.

The concept. Thats it. A portable device that can play on the TV with a remote as an option. That is not new to gaming, its not even new to phones..... I'm not entirely sure why thats so hard for you to except, especially when its not even saying Switch is bad in any respect. You really this mad that something else did this concept before?

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Xenophon_York258d ago

....and for the awesome deal I got on a Wii U with 3D Mario World with an extended warranty.

Still need to play Xenoblade Chronicles X.

PhoenixUp258d ago

I think Switch would’ve been successful even if Wii U was a a success. Wii U’s failure doesn’t seem to be the exact cause of Switch’s success

Whitey2k258d ago

Wii u should of been the switch in the 1st place

_-EDMIX-_258d ago

Well sure in hindsight , but coming off of 100 million sold for the Wii they still needed to know if there was a market for a dedicated home consoles before going portable only.

I think they made the correct decision when they did.

I agree that if we could just tell the future that that should have been the first thing they did , but I actually also agree that if that's not the case they did the correct thing in the correct order.

PhoenixUp258d ago

Nintendo didn’t have the tech in 2012 and the years prior to that while developing the console to make something like Switch

Switch could’ve only been done when it was released

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