76.5 Million PS4 Shipped by December 31st; Large Boost Announced for PlayStation Revenue and Income

Sony Corporation released its financial results for the third quarter of fiscal year 2017, giving an update on PS4 shipments.

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XiNatsuDragnel259d ago

Excellent PlayStation nation

JaguarEvolved259d ago

Sony will probably ship 80million ps4 in March of this year which is ridiculous to think about for a system that's a bit over 4 years old. By this time next year they'll most likely be at 100million ps4.

259d ago
S2Killinit258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

I really hope Sony and their business model continues to win in a time when Microsoft is taking some steps that I fear may not lead to a better future for console gaming (to be sure no body knows). So, here's hoping that Sony's time honored approach of providing great gaming experiences continues to win.

Good job Sony, and good luck.

mkis007258d ago


100 million easy. They sold 20 million 2017, just think how Spiderman among others will explode sales.

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AspiringProGenji259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Across all nations

G20WLY258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

PlayNation DomiStation

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PhoenixUp259d ago

That means there were 2.9 million PS4s on store shelves just waiting to find a new home by the end of 2017.

OB1Biker259d ago

And it looks like they ll all be sold in a few weeks.

DialgaMarine259d ago

With the release of MHW, at least half of those have been sold already.

Lime123259d ago

Last quarter:

PS4 - 9 million shipped
Switch - 7.3 million shipped
Xbox One - 6 (?) million shipped

Rhythmattic259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

6 million x/y controller movements per minute in PUBG. ;)

Eonjay259d ago

Xbox One sold about 7 to 8 million for the hold year so 6 million sound way to much for them.

Lime123259d ago

So PS4 must ship 2.5 million this quarter (4th quarter of FY2017) to meat forecast of 19 million shipped for FY2017, which would put PS4 at 79 million shipped by March 31st. Last year they ship 2.9 million, so it will reach 2.5 million no problem.

Kribwalker259d ago

they shipped 700,000 less consoles last quarter then they did the year earlier, which is putting the Hardware division in a 10% decline. If we see further declines then 10% this quarter it might not hit the 2.5million your are suggesting.

Unreal01259d ago

Haha. That downplay. Good old Krib.

LP-Eleven259d ago

Time to take a Business Class.

DialgaMarine259d ago

Did you miss the part where their hardware sales are already up YoY? How convenient of you.

Aura7541259d ago

Um... you clearly don't know how to math. Assuming that this quarter exhibits the same 10% decline, a tenth of 2.9 million is 0.29 million. Subtract that from 2.9 million and you get 2.61 million. Sony will still exceed the forecast.

trooper_259d ago


Take a refresher course in Math, then try again.

OffRoadKing258d ago

You might not have realized you're in a Playstation article, you guys claim you never troll those so, troll elsewhere. Unless you're just here to collect down votes as usual than mission accomplished.

Kribwalker258d ago

@aura and Trooper
you guys telling me about my math skills, really you need to work on your reading comprehension skills

“If we see further declines then 10% this quarter ”

Further declines

AspiringProGenji258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Aura gave you a much detailed math which you failed to do, so yeah. You got pwned

S2Killinit258d ago

If you bother to read the article you will see, clearly, they shipped more hardware this year. Not that it matters, they are obliterating the competition.

Kribwalker258d ago


and i showed him why his math as it pertains to my comment is wrong. I said “if it declines further” So yes, he detailed math is correct if i stated “with a 10% decline they won’t hit their estimate” .But if you used proper reading comprehension you would see i said if it declined more then 10% they may not hit their goal. IF it’s more then 10%. More Then

CernaML258d ago

More "THAN"

FFS you cant even grammar.

AspiringProGenji258d ago

Nowhere it says “further decline” fool. You are actually putting that in the wrong context. This is what you are most likely referring to:

“Sales are expected to be lower than the October forecast primarily due to the impact of a change in launch dates of certain software titles, as well as the impact of higher-than-expected sales of hardware at promotional prices during the holiday season. The forecast for operating income remains unchanged primarily due to a reduction in selling, general and administrative expenses, substantially offset by the impact of the above-mentioned decrease in sales.”

They are talking about sofware revenue being lower at the en of the quater and their expected harware forecast still remains the same.

bluefox755258d ago

Don't be mad Krib. I'm sure MS appreciates your support :)

Kribwalker258d ago (Edited 258d ago )


Lime said “ Last year they ship 2.9 million, so it will reach 2.5 million no problem”

To which I suggested that if we see further declines then 10% this quarter they could not hit their target. I didn’t say it will do that. I didn’t reference the article. I Suggested that if they saw further declines this quarter, and if it was more then the previous quarters decline of 10% it would not hit the target of 2.5 million this quarter. “IF”. I swear you guys need to learn to freaking read 🤦‍♂️

UCForce258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

You are not helping, kirbwalker. Like I said, both of us look into abyss but you blinked. Besides, PS4 is getting close to 80 millions units.

AspiringProGenji258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Lol but you are still predicting a further decline based on nothing. And even with that drop happens Sony will meet teh forecast. Next time you want to have a counter argument, have the facts and not imaginations. And @Arura did read clearly what you said. He said “assuming **This Quarter** exhibits the aame decline...”

Imma be fair with you and say you got me there. I thought you were talking about the article, but again your “further decline” is nothing but a dream

Aura7541258d ago


The last quarter of the calendar year tends to be more volatile than the other three quarters. This is because during the holiday season, hardware sales are more driven by how low the hardware's price is. In contrast, hardware sales in the other three quarters are more value driven since special deals are a lot less common.

I would take a gander that the PS4 will have less than a 10% YOY drop this quarter and here are the reasons why. Monster Hunter World shipped 5 million and in the UK, the XB1's 2nd best market, the PS4 version took up 72% of the sales. In Japan, the PS4 experienced the 2nd best selling week. Dragon Ball FighterZ shipped 2 million and the PS4 version took 78% of the sales in the UK. Shadow of the Colossus is coming up in a few days and it's high up on Amazon's best seller list.

Kribwalker258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Lime made a hypothetical statement claiming it would have no problem hitting that number based off of last year. I made a hypothetical statement that if it saw a decline like the last quarter and it was greater then the 10% it would not. That’s it. We were both making hypothetical statements. you guys just took offence to mine

DarXyde258d ago


You don't disappoint. Like clockwork. I love that your emphasis is on the worst case scenario for PlayStation. I'm unsure if you're a cynic or a hater. My question is this: what exactly is the statement you were hoping to make? That Sony might not make their shipment projections? Does your pessimism bring light to your darkness? This actually sounds like something Greenberg might say.

P.S., you should be more humble about discrediting the comprehension of others, especially when you are likely an adult who still cannot fathom the difference between "then" and "than"; you literally quoted yourself and didn't even correct it.

Aura7541258d ago


Dissent does not equal to taking offense. In addition, I stated some reasons why the PS4 will likely not exhibit a significant decline to support my conclusion.

You had a good opportunity to offer your rebuttal, but you seem to prefer pointless posturing.

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trooper_258d ago

@ Krib

"The company also provided a I of the results of the Games & Network Services business segment, which is the combination of PlayStation and PlayStation Network.

While PS4 shipments were 0.7 million lower than during the equivalent quarter in fiscal year 2016, actual revenue was considerably higher (with a 16.2% growth) due to an increase in software sales, including sales on PlayStation Network.

The increase in sales also caused a significant boost in operating income, from 50 billion yen to a whopping 85 billion yen.

Looking at Sony Corporation as a whole, you can find revenue and income figures below. As you can see, all the relevant numbers are firmly in the black, and significantly improved year-on-year. Oprating income saw just south of a 280% boost."

Now stop it.

The Wood258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

He can't, it's an involuntary action. . . . .

Without a head start ms didn't have much at all. . They've got their fans signing the same tune of exclusives not being import in various ways. What they haven't realised is that they don't need to appeal to their die hards. . They need to appeal to the defectors, undecided the ps and Nintendo owners. . .more Xbox owners own ps's and switches as their second consoles than the opposite. . Not because ps and Nintendo fans are inbreded but because there just hasn't been enough reasons to jump in. Relying on multiplat superiority isn't enough for the masses. . Just look at the disparity of sales. . You think that's still down to mixed messages or price. . . Lol

LiViNgLeGaCY258d ago

Lmfao!! Krib got absolutely owned!! Hahaha!

GaboonViper258d ago

No wonder MS treat the fanbase like they do, good ol' Krib and the rest of them constant damage control, they talk more about Sony and PS4 then they do MS and Xbox.

DeadSilence259d ago

Playstation True Force of Nature.