Sorry, Your Favorite Game is Dead - Why I Feel Bad for Young Gamers Today

"I feel sorry for young gamers today. With the rise of ‘games as a service’ titles and always-online video games, we are setting the youth up for disappointment. Let me explain." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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ULTp0ltergeist354d ago

Those are titles that didn't have much of an audience anyways. Besides Battleborn and Gigantic was overwhelmed by Overwatch which alot fo those kids you speak of are still playing as we type. But I do agree that 10-15 years from now Overwatch might not even exist or be playable, but then that just means there is something newer and better that those "kids" are now playing. So, negative for nothing.

ptownjbo353d ago

Just sucks for fans in general when a game shuts down :/

thekhurg353d ago

Really poor choice of headline image for that website. One game is still alive. One game hasn't released yet. The other is actually dead.

_-EDMIX-_352d ago

I mean it does but when I games entire concept relies on online functionality I think it should kind of be understood from the start

FinalFantasyFanatic352d ago

Alot of those games have questionable quality to begin with, poor sales or controversy, or they just took so long to fix where they got to an acceptable level. I'm happy that I can play alot of great games from my childhood though.

TFJWM353d ago

It is not about the number of players it is about people that loved these games and then they get shut down...In the past you bought a game and you would be able to play it forever. People talk about how good hosted servers are but they get shut down peer to peer will always be there if people want to play them.

TheRacingX352d ago

I dont understand why a game publisher or dev who has a game on dedicated servers , decides to shut down those servers, put out an update to make the online component P2P, that way people can still play online if need be. At least youre telling that fanbase, if you still want to play , go ahead and keep enjoying our game.

TFJWM349d ago

@TheRacingX That would be great but if a game isn't making enough for them to keep the servers running why would they ever pay to do that. If MT was enough to support it they wouldn't shut it down...

strayanalog354d ago

‎A likely problem since Generation 7, sadly. Long gone patches and dead servers will probably become the number one murderer of past titles.‎
This is exactly why single player and releasing finished product is important. I hope I am wrong about this history erasing nightmare, but we will all know for sure in 5 to 10 more years if no solution is found.

ptownjbo353d ago

Not many people realize that these games will most likely be completely gone in like 10 years. It's saddening.

strayanalog353d ago

I wholeheartedly agree. I've warned many players about this scenario for years myself. I truly hope a way is found to help the situation, because in an industry that constantly looks forward it's important to remember our past.

ILostMyMind353d ago

You were very optimistic. I would say they do not last until the next generation arrives.

TheColbertinator353d ago

Worried about those online only SP games we see more now.

Cobra951353d ago

Anything that requires an online component is at risk of complete death. Online DRM can be cracked, but if part of the game itself resides somewhere out there, the whole thing becomes useless once support for it ceases.

chris235353d ago

headlines that end with „here‘s why“ are not worth the click

Profchaos353d ago

I replayed the old GTA games recently on ps4 and I realised besides the 1080 res upgrade they are all exactly as released minus a few tracks ripped from vice city unfortunately.

They never needed an update or patch there was no game breaking bug because it spent so much longer in quality control because back thence about 15 years ago Devs knew there was no do overs a broken game was not one that could be fixed.

There was also no online and it meant that I didn't have to stop playing because a game got old that's why new games kind of suck is great that we have fallout style games but they are becoming rarer and need patches to fix half the game in release

thehitman1398352d ago

But with those old games, you also don't have all the graphics we have nowadays, you also don't have all the new features we have nowadays, you also don't have all the new innovations we have nowadays. So it's a give in take.

Would you go back to using a old flip phone or a old brick phone over a new iPhone or new galaxy just because thjose phones need updates to better enhance the phones itself ????

These updates and patches fix problem with the games. And the older games didn't have as many problems with them, not because they spent longer In QA, but because there wasn't as much going with the games therefor not as many problems. So lets remeber that as well

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