Xbox Making a Large Acquisition Could be Exactly What's Needed

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "A large acquisition could be exactly what Xbox needs in 2018 to really take the console further by expanding its content and games."

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PhoenixUp314d ago

No major publisher is going to sell their company. They can make more money from distributing games on other platforms in the long term than whatever Microsoft would offer.

It’s the same reason why Nintendo turned down Microsoft’s offer of a $25 billion buyout in 1999, and Microsoft sure as Hell ain’t gonna offer that much for any other publisher.

Acquiring a developer is the most realistic option. Although what most people should be focusing on is how Microsoft actually controversially manages most of their internal studios over their history.

AspiringProGenji314d ago (Edited 314d ago )

That is what I have been saying and put that same example as well. This isn’t the first time they have attempted to get big companies for themselves... They should try to get those studios like playground who makes exclusives for them, and who knows if they are too late for that? Before when they could they refused and underestimated having their own devs, with The messiah himself saying they don’t need to own studios to make games.

Now that issue has caught up on them and they are daydreaming about adquiring big companies to fix their 1st party problem, and most likely leave a big audience behind if that happens. That wouldn’t be good for the industry

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Eonjay313d ago

Is this what we think of Microsoft now? We think that everyone else can make their own games but in order for them to compete, whats needed is a Large Acquisition?

Okay the problem is this: If Microsoft has enough money to buy large publishers, then it means that they already have enough money to make games. So as always its never about making anything new, its about taking whats out there and paying to limit others.... without actually making anything new.

mikeslemonade313d ago

They should buy Nintendo because they are a terrible hardware company and holding back the industry. Plus they ruined jrpgs and Japanese developed games.

Alucard_420313d ago

@mikeslemonade yes they are so bad that they are outselling XBO X, they are so bad that their shitty console is holding back the X because more people buy's nintendo then M$, SONY is doing fine and nintendo is not holding back anyone in the industry. So please explain your nonsense because I cannot comprehend what you are saying.

gangsta_red313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

"That wouldn’t be good for the industry"

Lol, nothing some of you guys say MS does seems to be good for the industry. Game Pass will ruin the industry, MS acquiring a big company will ruin the industry. Every rumor of what MS might do always seems to end up with the industry being ruined. I'm shocked the industry isn't some vast Mad Max wasteland filled with cannibals eating each other.

N4G: MS needs more games!

-Rumors of MS acquiring a huge studio to have more games.-

N4G: UGH! MS just buys studios to make new games instead of making new games themselves!


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darthv72314d ago

Just because MS can doesn't mean they will. MS actually owns a little bit of various other companies like Google, Amazon, Valve, Facebook. They invested in them early on and have been cashing in on their success on the back end. MS would rather take their $$ and buy into projects in development than whole studios. Less risk and a greater chance for ROI if the product succeeds. They are only out their initial investment if the product fails.

MS is about maximizing profits so if they were to purchase a developer / publisher chances are the games would be multiplatform if that was the initial plan. They wouldnt cut off a revenue stream simply for the sake of exclusivity.

ULTp0ltergeist314d ago

Correct to think that just because Microsoft purchases EA that it would mean they would make everything exclusive is beyond me. Minecraft is a prime example, Microsoft never limited Minecraft in any way. In fact, they helped Minecraft scale since that was the problem with previous management because they lack the clout and funds obviously.

As of now, I'm sure EA wants to do more things that can turn more profits and attract newer consumers but they can't because of setbacks and ongoing operations. With a Microsoft purchase, EA will continue to be multi-plat but they can do a lot more and potentially make better content since finance isn't an issue anymore.

WickedLester313d ago

if MS is looking to acquire a large company like EA, I guarantee you this is all about Game Pass. Those games will remain available for purchase on other platforms but Game Pass will be the only subscription service where you can play them.

DarkZane313d ago

They really can't. EA is never gonna sell to them because they can make a far bigger amount of money than whatever Microsoft can offer. As for a hostile takeover, if Ubisoft has been managing to fight off Vivendi this long, EA can easily completely prevent Microsoft from doing it. All they have to do is buy enough of their own shares to control 51% of the company. Of course, that's if they don't already own the majority of the company themselves, which there is a very high chance they do.

ThinkThink314d ago

Honestly i would be thrilled if they bought Warner Bros. Gaming division which includes monolith studios, netherRelm, avalanche, rocksteady and TT games. Those would be a solid buy.

george957313d ago

lol that title

"Xbox Making a Large Acquisition Could be Exactly What's Needed"

It should be MS making a large acquisition Not Xbox... Most people thinks Xbox is the company lol! Xbox along aint doing anything much for MS, hence MS is investing more so that the Xbox dept. does good for the company .

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strayanalog314d ago

Instead of acquisitions, I'd rather them create original properties. They have the money, so go for it.

343_Guilty_Spark313d ago

You wouldn’t make it in business.

MasterCornholio313d ago

So creating successful New products is a bad business decision?

Don't get me wrong. It's great relying on old franchises but when those franchises start becoming as stale it might be a good idea to create new products to capture the consumers attention again. Much like what Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn and Ghost of Tsushima are doing for PlayStation. Heck Nintendo creating Splatoon was great for them as well.

Razzer313d ago

Which corporation do you run again?

strayanalog313d ago

Well that's your opinion and who knows you may be right, so I'll even upvote you.

All players deserve to play multiplatform titles and shouldn't have to buy another console because they can't.
Now, if Microsoft let EA continue with its third-party software (Madden, Need for Speed, etc) and took only original's from then on, then yeah, that wouldn't be that bad for them for a while.
In the long term, you know, based solely on my crappy business decision,‎ just because someone has the money to acquire a studio doesn't mean they should, especially one of the larger ones. The industry as a whole needs innovation to survive and having less voices wouldn't help.

So, why waste money on an aging athlete when I can save money by releasing new IP and gain some community favor? After all, EA was going to bring their titles over to me anyway and what better way to show the industry I care by showing some faith in it.‎

LP-Eleven313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Um, if that's the case, why are the companies who are making that very decision (Nintendo and Sony) raking in more profit with their gaming divisions?

As I noted to another person like you - it's time to take a Business Class.

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thisismyaccount313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

"I'd rather them create original properties."

.. in 17 years this is their inhouse output, as in newish IPs not acquired ones :

- Kameo
- Viva Piñata 1/2
- Conker Remake
- Rare Replay
- Project Spark
- Sea of Thieves this year

..i don´t remember any other new ips.

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thisismyaccount313d ago

at vj27

Insomniac got childish when Sony refused? or did not want to fund Sunset Overdrive, according to Ted Price. After getting funded for 20 years as a close 2nd party with privileges of a 1st party making Ratchet games and what not ... everyone considered them to be a team among other Sony 1st parties.

I still feel betrayed by them, after "wasting" my money on the ratchet games for them to go xbox (for just 1x game) with the excuse of "Microsoft will crush Sony this gen!" "Without MS, we could have not done this game ... " "MS has $1bill. to spend on..." "we cna retain the IP" ... yeah keeping the IP sure help you out in the long run.

No one cares about it, MS has the right to republish as they funded it ... so no matter how you look, retaining the IP aint worth jackshit IF you dont make a sequel. And while on a tangent ... why should Sony or anyone for that matter NOT have the right to own said IP¿? I mean, if im going to fund Sunset Overdrive for <$100mill. i´d better get at least to own the IP of said project, else get your funds elsewhere (kickstarter).

And i agree that it does not matter what studio, if owned or not, but in case of MS they got a history of buying up companies to achieve a goal they´re incapable of with their internals. And yes, i forgot Forza was another one :)

strayanalog313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

With all due respect, Conker and Rare Replay should be stricken from the record, as both were previous releases on other platforms.

manabyte77313d ago

Conker was not a new IP. That was created on N64. Rare Replay is the antithesis of a new IP. It’s just an updated collection of old games.

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mark_parch313d ago

creating new studios and games from scratch is a lot more risky and time consuming than buying studios and ip.

maybelovehate314d ago

They do need to find a way to work with EA and EA Access. Having both GamePass and EA Access isn't ideal. Hopefully GamePass will push EA to add newer games though or lower their price.

ULTp0ltergeist314d ago

Or it just becomes part of Game Pass after purchasing EA? What backlog that would be for $10 a month. I'd buy easily. But they have to also make it Play Anywhere. Just fuse Origins and Game Pass.

zerocarnage313d ago

I think EA will have no choice but to start adding launch games straight away now.

But it would make sense if EA sold to MS, but I'd prefer SEGA honestly or both..

StifflerK314d ago

If MS buy a popular dev/publisher that makes multi-plat games:
- and then makes those games exclusive, they'll just end up angering the fans.
- if they keep those games multi-plat, they'll still have a lack of exclusives.

I think it would be best, and arguably cheaper for MS to create it's own studios ( like they did with 343/Coalition) to work on the IP's they already own, or make new ones.
A lot of gamers would be happy to see a new Banjo/Conker/Lost Odyssey etc.

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ULTp0ltergeist314d ago

It would be bad for business so I'm sure Microsoft will give the Minecraft treatment. Where they funded their growth and not stifle it by making its exclusives. This just further confirms Microsoft approach towards a major service platform because it brings value to everyone. Hard to find any fault in this except not owning your games, but then that's just fewer regrets for me.

343_Guilty_Spark313d ago

The problem isn’t just exclusives though. The top 10 games each month are multiplats available on PS4 and Xbox.

The bigger problem is ongoing perception of lack of exclusives even if exclusives aren’t the big gainers on here that people make them out to be. Yes, they very important but this isn’t the only thing I’d be looking at if I’m Microsoft.

Aenea313d ago

If exclusives aren't that important why would they even want to buy a big publisher like EA?

343_Guilty_Spark313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Didn’t say they weren’t important, it’s not the only reason they’d buy out an EA.

EA has a lot of attractive things that make a ton of sense in to invest in besides exclusives.

slate91313d ago


Because they wouldn't make EA games exclusive. That would be suicide. Its all about money. Keep em multiplat and count the dollars coming in.

slate91313d ago

Second option is best. Acquire a big publisher and keep the games multiplat. This business is about the dollar (or other currency depending on region). Their revenue would boom and they would still pump out exclusives to sell their console. Minecraft is a great example of this imo.

343_Guilty_Spark313d ago

I’d keep BF, MADDEN, Live, sports games and PvZ NFS multiplat but games like Anthem, Deadspace, Bioware titles...exclusive

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