Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Has Flopped

A depleted roster, questionable design decisions, and bad word of mouth seemingly sunk the once-anticipated fighter.

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MegaMohsi260d ago

good now make a proper MvC

blackblades259d ago

Or do a rival school game.

TFJWM259d ago

I wish...Don't seeing that ever happening thou sadly

tehpees3259d ago

How many of us have asked them to continue Dino Crisis or Onimusha?

Godmars290259d ago

When have they cared about what you want? As odd as that may sound.

Capcom has been sending clear "F-U" messages since before they put out SFV incomplete. Before MML3 even.

blackblades259d ago

Probably if we do what was done to that star wars game issue. Make a issue about it cause some trouble maybe. Idk we gotta do something if we want to see some older games make a comeback.

Godmars290259d ago

Now that the Mouse bought the Xmen...

gangsta_red260d ago

The roster was the biggest disappointment as it didn't have anyone to get excited about.

Would have benefited to have obscure characters from Capcom (like Jedah) and Marvel on the roster instead of same old Capcom characters and obvious movie Marvel characters.

TFJWM259d ago

I have to say the reverse it had too many obscure charterers that mass gamers didn't know about or care about not having X-men really hurt it.

TheColbertinator260d ago

Lets not forget that hideous art design.

robtion259d ago

I would have bought a pure Marvel fighter. Not interested in crossovers, unless it's marvel Vs DC.

PhoenixUp260d ago

This game felt less like a proper MvC installment and more like a cash-in title for the MCU that just happened to also feature Capcom characters

Whirlwind_Fanfare_08260d ago

No X-Men characters. #JustSaying

badz149258d ago (Edited 258d ago )

Now that Disney already owned all of them for good, the next MvC will definitely get better. As long as they don't use the MCU version of them of course. What made MvC great in the past were the comic version characters they used and people feel connected to these characters. Scrapping all THAT and used the movie version instead which almost always don't stay true to their comics made the latest one feels ingenuine and to top it off, those ugly models for Capcom's own characters and no X-men to finish it all really spiced up the reciepe for failure.

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The story is too old to be commented.