Why you should care about #GirlsBehindTheGames

MonsterVine: "If you’ve perused Twitter today, you might’ve seen a certain trending hashtag—#GirlsBehindTheGames. I know what you’re thinking: Ugh, another hashtag. When will these young folks (women especially) stop with all these hashtags that don’t really change anything? But I’m here to redirect your train of thought onto a more fitting track."

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Chaosdreams352d ago

That's exactly what I'm thinking, ugh, another hashtag.

That said, I'm all for diversity as long as those getting put into the roles towards a game's production (anything in life really) are actually the best fit (none of this needing to check off a list for that special ribbon of inclusiveness) for the job.

Games in my opinion, the product in its entirety, comes before someone's organs/background/etc. The problem is there are those who ride the wave of change only to cut someone else out at the knees, replacing them not on skill, but their identity.

Otherwise, good luck, have fun and make something awesome.

ion666352d ago

You should read whats happening to Marvel comics #TheX-menWereAlreadyDiverse

Gh05t352d ago

This article failed to make me care about the hashtag, in fact it did nothing but confirm exactly what I assumed the hashtag was about and why it still doesn't matter. #Divided #GenitalsAreEverything #IdeserveSpecialtreatmentbecau sereasons

FullmetalRoyale352d ago

I don’t use Twitter but “#GenitalsAreEverything” made me lol.

ion666352d ago


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