5 Other Japanese Arcade Games That Need to Come West

Dissidia Final Fantasy is a good start, but there's lots more Japan-only arcade games that we'd love to see brought to the West.

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Yi-Long1326d ago

I love Taiko no Tatsujin. Really hoping it comes to the West, but if it does, they need to also bring over a good quality drum so we can fully enjoy it.

Perhaps I'd be better off importing an arcade machine.

Godmars2901324d ago

Aren't arcades dead in the West?

mastiffchild1323d ago

They did seem dead for the last decade or so, certainly here in England. The odd one survived in London and a few big cities, possibly a couple at seaside resorts as well. Both arcades in my town closed late nineties.

However, we just got a VR arcade and plans afoot for a big cafe bar with both retro and new cabinets. Lots of online leaderboards, events and competition nights are the way they want to try it.

It certainly seems there is a western appetite to at least make out we want arcades back but you have to worry it might be nostalgia driven and unlikely to succeed on that alone. They need kids to use them as well and I dont see many western youngsters doing the arcade thing these days. I hope Im wrong but I just dont see them getting big again unless VR in big play areas kicks off.