Why You Should Play The Long Dark From Your Backlog

BacklogCritic: "The Long Dark offers countless hours of challenge, thoughtful exploration and wonder at its paintinglike vistas. As a single-player sandbox survival simulation, it is unmatched; as an episodic adventure game, it needs a bit of work. Very few games have been released out of the development limbo of Early Access, this is one of them, and it is a must-play."

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Nu263d ago

I tried the game preview and didn't really know how to survive. I was just wondering around looking for stuff. In the end I just couldn't get into it

hardmankensington263d ago

The story mode they added may just suck you back in :)

GamesMaster1982262d ago

Got this in the humble bundle on PC tried it but could not get past the first part had no idea what to do. Only tried it for it's story. Is the story in it good or non existing ?. because if good ill give it another try.