Top 10 Horror Games of All Time

BacklogCritic: "I have been a horror game enthusiast since the original Alone in the Dark came out. The fact that a game could evoke such emotion within me was a powerful force. It was a small step that began a journey to today, and many games have come and gone over the years. Some I remember fondly, despite their flaws, while others were not worthy to even remember their names. The lineup has changed with each successive year, and will continue to do so, as long as I keep gaming."

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Profchaos350d ago

Re7 in VR there is no competition there

hardmankensington350d ago

Oh god, please don’t remind me. I still have nightmares

UltraNova350d ago

The writer must be young....Fatal Frame...Alone in the Dark...and Silent Hills as an honorable mention? Damn SH 2 gave me nightmares... Hell even the PT demo and Layers of fear was scarier than most games on this list.

What the hell, at least I agree with No 1, RE7 in VR was traumatising...and I only played about an hour!

Mystogan90350d ago

Soma should not be in that list, it is the top 10 horror games of all time. Also Dead Space and Silent Hill are honorable mentions?? Such travesty!

agent4532350d ago

Wow finally a good list of horror games