The Last of Us is Superior to Uncharted

The Last of Us is Superior to Uncharted - The Last of Us is a deep game with wonderful character development and a deep, masterful narrative. The Uncharted Series is an Indiana Jones wannabe.

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guywazeldatatt1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I really can't wait for the last of us part II. if it's anything like the godfather part ii it will be one of the best games ever, maybe better than the first. uncharted had its time and lost legacy was okay to me but it was better than the first four.

DarXyde1941d ago

What if I told you that you can like The Last of Us more without acting like Uncharted is a problem? Honestly, I was curious about your reasoning, but it feels like clickbait based on the headline and description... so I'm not going to click that.

SuperSonic911941d ago

It is click bait.
Naughty Dog games evolve over their previous games. From Crash to Uncharted Lost Legacy. They always top their last game.

guywazeldatatt1941d ago

I honestly just found it to be an interesting contrast

Bahamut1941d ago


Idk, just feels like you were trying to get people riled up so they click on the link.

Unspoken1941d ago

Wtf is up with N4G and malware riddled throughout it's website and code. Check your ads!!

_-EDMIX-_1941d ago

@unspoke- completely agreed I've been coming to this site less and less because I just refuse to use my phone on this site.


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masterfox1942d ago

Way different directions of this two titles to call one superior from the other, both are awesome in their respective formula.

guywazeldatatt1942d ago

Uncharted is like a ripoff of Indiana Jones. Nathan Drake isn't an interesting character in the least bit. Uncharted is also way more linear.

StormLegend1942d ago

Nathan Drake isn't an interesting character??? WHAT???? Drake is one of the main reasons people buy uncharted games. Did you see how people got mad when the Lost Legacy didn't include him? Also what game isn't a ripoff of another game? None of that matters, we just want quality games.

AspiringProGenji1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Broo with comments loke these coming from I wonder how you run a website? You made several pieces bedore about your hate for the series when U4 came and even called it a Tomb Raider rip off, and now you are calling it a Indiana jones?

If all you wanted to say was you are excited for TLoU 2, maybe you should have wrote a piece about that and stop comparing these two amazing game series. Uncharted is lighthearted and more fun. TLoU is more grounded and engaging. Great games!

End of story!

Nyxus1941d ago

Plenty of people like the characters in Uncharted a lot, including Nathan Drake. Also, being linear isn't a flaw, it's a design choice.

UltraNova1941d ago

Do you hear yourself self talk? Two different approaches. Drake is fun and never boring, he is The reference for fun action characters. Get real.

Deep-throat1941d ago

Uncharted is a ripoff of Tomb Raider, which was heavily inspired by IJ.

Last_Boss1941d ago

Try watching other movies like Romancing the Stone.

AirJohnston1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I’ll never understand why the word “linear” is always used in a negative connotation nowadays. Why is it all of the sudden a bad thing to be linear? Not every game needs to be a giant sandbox

MoonConquistador1941d ago

Nathan Drake is far more interesting than any of your opinions of him, yet you still published yours online.

Go sit in a corner somewhere (preferably one that doesn't have internet access in it)

HeisenbergX1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

@ Dark do you hear yourself man ? please think before u write jeez

Also talking about it's way more linear like that's a bad thing when TLOU is 10 times more linear than UC4 and Lost Legacy.. and seriously WHAAAAT !? have you even played UC4 and Lost Legacy you have no fucking clue what you are talking about do you because those games feel like open world compared to the first TLOU.


Kratos_Kart20071941d ago

Insert Tom Cruise laugh Meme.......

trooper_1941d ago

I don't see the relation between Indiana Jones and Drake.

Sorry, don't agree.

Aceman181941d ago

My man I dont know what ur smoking, but you need to get off of it right away lol. Both franchises are great in their own respect dont try to downplay one over the other.

Dark_Knightmare21941d ago

Dude out of the five console uncharted games three were linear get over it the games haven't been extremely linear for awhile now. You say Uc is a rip off of Indiana jones has if that's a bad thing or that Indiana jones wasn't a rip off of 1920-1930 pulp adventures lol. Nathan drake isn't an interesting character to YOU but he obviously has tons of fans judging by his popularity but please keep spewing crap it's good for a laugh

Araragifeels 1941d ago

The saltiness Flow through you.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1941d ago

@Darklink28 add “in my opinion” next time after you write your comment.

BIGBOSS081941d ago

Have you even played uncharted? It sounds more like you just watched a few videos of it than actually played it.

rainslacker1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )


Drake is interesting, and actually a dynamic character who changes from game to game, and even within a single game itself. He's not as deep as Joel's character, but he isn't uninteresting. Maybe you don't see it, so you don't find him interesting, but to claim it like you do really makes no sense.

TLOU is extremely linear. There is no venturing off the beaten path. UC is pretty much the same way, although UC4 does offer a bit more exploration between the different points. But outside UC4, both UC and TLOU are about as linear as the other.

I don't read many of your articles, and it's because your comments elsewhere are about as meaningless and shallow as the ones you make here, which makes me think that your articles are just expanded versions of this same meaningless and shallow sentiment that you express routinely.

george9571941d ago

those dislike says it all
Dont feed the troll guys

And what are the Mods doing here... Why cant they block or warn a troll like Darklink28 and if he gets trolled then the person will get blocked... weird..

Silly gameAr1941d ago

How do you get away with getting anything approved here? You always sound like a troll.

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HeisenbergX1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

@ Deep-Throat Ahhh this guy .. he's been probably waiting for ages for a garbage article like this so he can leave a comment like that.

so sad

You do know that the new Tomb Raider games are a ripoff of Uncharted right ?

guywazeldatatt1941d ago

TLOU is linear in a way too but there’s still a little more room for exploration. Uncharted not so much

1941d ago
rainslacker1941d ago


Quite literally in TLOU, everything there is extra to do is just a short jaunt off the main path. The only things extra in the game were collectables, and there were only a couple areas where you could go more than one way through the area. There was really no exploration in the game outside looking a bit more in the areas that you were already in. There was nowhere to go but where the game wanted you to go.

The first couple UC games were like this as well, and it opened up a bit in the third game, but in UC4, there was a lot of places you could expand and explore.

Where you got the idea that TLOU was more open than UC is beyond me. TLOU is more restrictive than even the first UC game, and UC4 is certainly much more open.

If you can't even get that right, how can one take you seriously on any of your other opinions of the game. I love both the games, and rank them as some of my favorites, but even I can see that you are patently wrong with your assertion. It's not even a matter of opinion on this aspect....just you not able to even recognize what core aspects of the game are that you seem to base your opinion on.

TallonIV1941d ago

Uncharted is like a ripoff of Indiana Jones.

Old McGroin1942d ago

Uncharted 2 vs The Last of Us...tough one to call.

guywazeldatatt1942d ago

TLOU by far. Better gameplay, better story, more depth, interesting characters.

StormSnooper1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I had to dislike even though part of me agrees. It feels like blasphemy to talk about uncharted like its some crappy game. On the other hand TLOU blew my mind.

guywazeldatatt1942d ago

@stormsnooper sorry always thought the series was mediocre, but then uncharted 4 came along..

HeisenbergX1941d ago

[email protected] Yes UC4 came along and then it became the best in the series and sold 10m and gotten the same critical praise as UC2 and almost the same critical praise as TLOU.

MoonConquistador1941d ago

Wrong again lol.

Your opinion piece was rubbish and all the comments you've posted in reply to it have been full of fail.

You know, sometimes it's actually better to just not say anything. If the only reason you'd compare these very different games is to get opinion pieces like yours, can we all just agree not to compare them.

Oh, an UC 2 was absolutely stunning as was Indiana Jones (and TLOU). Let's just leave it at that eh?

goldwyncq1941d ago

Uncharted 2 was one of the most revolutionary and influential games last gen. It drastically raised what people can expect from AAA action games. It's to cinematic third person shooters what Half-Life is to first person shooters.

SuperSonic911941d ago

Boy you give Link a very bad name.

fenome1941d ago

Of course it's better, it's the evolution of their development style. Why can't you just let TLoU stand up on it's own merits rather than throwing uncharted under the bus? TLoU wouldn't even exist if they never made Uncharted.

Also Nathan Drake and his friends were some of my favorite characters last gen so I don't even know what you're on about.

Bahamut1941d ago

Quit comparing them. The gameplay may be similar, but they are different genres. Most people wouldn't compare "Indiana Jones" to "The Road". It just seems stupid to draw comparisons and say one is better than the other. They are both great games.

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galmi1941d ago

Easy for me, as much as i seriously enjoyed uncharted 2, best in the series imo, the last of us was virtually perfect

Akarogg 1941d ago

Nope. Last of Us is WAY better

guywazeldatatt1942d ago

it has cool set pieces at times but mediocre cover and shooting mechanics aren't fun.

AspiringProGenji1942d ago

Disagree! the cover is great and the gunplay as well. May not be fun to you, but Uncharted is a fun series to play

RommyReigns1941d ago

Are you trying to beat Septic for the most number of disagree votes on N4G?

Sunny_D1941d ago

I thought trying to be edgy died out a while ago?

Dark_Knightmare21941d ago

Please please please explain how the cover or shooting mechanics are mediocre in Uc games especially 4 and lost legacy. Do they not work as intended come on explain your crap opinion I'm sure we'll all wait to see the ridiculous crap you come up with

outsider16241941d ago

You know, opinions are opinions and i respect that. But calling the UC series that, good sir, is why i think your opinion sucks.

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AirJohnston1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Uncharted is one of my favorite series and I love them all to death, but I think I honestly had more fun with TLoU gameplay. I enjoyed the crafting system and sneaking around trying to make something happen with whatever supplies you were lucky enough to find. I can see why people think Uncharted is more fun tho

jaymacx1941d ago

Uncharted is like a non stop action adventure film. TLOU is like an horror , thriller, and action game. I would compare the latter to Resident Evil or Left for dead. Its almost like comparing Mario against Zelda.

babadivad1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

I liked the fact you aren't basically immortal in TLOU. If you fucked up, you were dead. It added tension and realism to engagements that Uncharted sometimes lacked. Sometimes less is more.

rainslacker1941d ago

I think I have more overall fun with UC, because the games are more lighthearted and it's just supposed to be fun. UC was just set up to be an action game, where the adrenaline flows, whereas TLOU is more about the tension one would feel in the various situation.

But I think the overall experience has a much bigger impact in TLOU. It's hard to walk away from TLOU without being moved by the story and overall presentation, and of course it's backed up by solid game play, which at times can be challenging, with enough variety to keep it interesting.

Two entirely different approaches and presentations. Both great in their own way.

mastiffchild1941d ago

Both series are fantastic. U2 is a hugely influential game in many ways and cemented Drake as a relatable hero everyman-popular with male and female gamers.

Uncharted is not better than TLOU and is not inferior either. Is coffee better than, say, pillows? Both do their job very well and the existence of one does not detract from the other. TLOU is tense thriller and Uncharted is summer blockbuster.

Love both. Using one ND game to bash the other really misses the point to me. The gunplay and cover in Uncharted is now amazingly slick yet still individual and work done on it allowed for the variant used in TLOU. It's a deliberately shaky version of U3's shooting isn't it?

StormLegend1942d ago

You can't really compare them. Uncharted is about a guy cracking funny jokes, thieving and climbing things to escape death. The Last Of Us is about 2 people trying to survive the apocalypse and because of that they take things seriously.
I love Nathan Drake, Elena, Sully and Chloe. I wouldn't compare them at all to Ellie and Joel.

guywazeldatatt1942d ago

but the jokes aren't funny...and you can look at the gameplay, not just the story. uncharted's gameplay is mediocre at best.

galmi1941d ago

played uncharted for graphics and story definitely not gameplay, played the last of us for everything

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

@Darklink28 Please just stop. You are making yourself look like a retard. /smh

NXFather1941d ago (Edited 1941d ago )

Man honestly most people these people are cornier than you and I. Don't let a few downvotes on n4g fool you. Most gamers on the streets don't even know what Uncharted is.

*of these

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