PS4 Commercial from Sony Boasts "The Best Place to Play;" Shows God of War and More

Sony Interactive Entertainment advertises the PS4 with recent and upcoming games including God of War, claiming that it's "the best place to play."

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masterfox312d ago

This why Playstation is the best in this gaming industry, not like others that only depend on their company name like Nintendo for example that only want to keep selling their devices without releasing new games, Sony on the other hand they keep pushing boundaries in terms of gameplay and visuals, they always have this forward thinking unlike the competition that like to remain in the past or just being closed minded (Nintendo/MS). One of the most important things in video games history has always been three main factors. First is in how they look, I mean when you see a new game first thing you do is to appreciate in how it looks, cause you just can't play it right away for obvious reasons, so that's why the visuals are so damn important, but later on we have our second main important point and that is gameplay and finally we end up with our last important part, and that is story or single player experiences, all these three factors Sony knows it very well and for these reasons they have been number one in this gaming industry since the PS1. ;)

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Neonridr312d ago

I'm sorry what.. Nintendo didn't release any new games? In the past 10 months Nintendo released a slew of amazing first party titles. Don't even get me started on what Sony gave us PS4 owners during the first 10 months.

you really need to stop drinking the koolaid, you sound like some deluded fanboy.

masterfox312d ago

"10 months Nintendo released a slew of amazing first party titles", delude fanboy?, huh?, when I see this kind of reply I just think of them, oh well that's the only thing they can replay with, but oh well go ahead please tell me that slew of amazing games first party titles you are so excited about it, that I bet those are stunning looking with full of detail and color, and pleeeaaaase don't mention freaking more Mario and Zelda!!

Neonridr312d ago

@masterfox - oh right, don't mention the game that swept the GOTY awards. How dare me do that?

In the first 10 months on the market Nintendo gave us: Zelda, Arms, Splatoon 2, MK8 Deluxe, Pokken Tournament DX, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Mario Odyssey along with Mario + Rabbids (joint venture with Ubisoft).

in the first 10 months on the market Sony gave us : Killzone, Knack, Infamous, Infamous First Light, Last of Us Remastered.

I mean if you want to say that Sony did a better job putting titles in our hands when the console first came out then be my guest.

masterfox312d ago


oh look Zelda and Mario again XD and for the rest lets see:

- Arms(new IP), honestly is kinda interesting, but again it forces you to use the motion controllers, there are some people saying it plays better with normal controllers, so in the end we end up with a gimmick.
- Splatoon 2, man the visual jump is insane!!
- MK8 Deluxe <-- Wii U released , doesn't even count
- Pokken Tournament <-- Wii U released, doesn't even count
- Xenoblade Chronicles 2 <--- I guess some people like to make this game a big deal I think, it looks so awesome?
- Mario Odyssey along with Mario + Rabbids (joint venture with Ubisoft). <--- oh look more Mario -_-

Sorry but I don't see a 300 plus value with those game you mention. oh and for the PS4 games you mention:
I will leave this two gifs enjoy:

Neonridr312d ago

@masterfox - so you are making fun of some Wii U ports but then ignore the fact that First Light is an expansion to a game and TLOU was a remaster.

Did you really just post a cinematic from Killzone? Didn't make the game any better you do realize that right?

Infamous was fun, I enjoyed it, but it was hardly the best in the series.

KickSpinFilter312d ago

While Nintendo does lean on Zelda/Mario/Zelda/Mario etc. It is unfair to say that Nintendo is not expanding new IP's like Arms, Splatoon, Snipper clips

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Elda312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

What amazing exclusives? Other than Mario & Zelda everything else is meh.Imo Mario is about the only interesting exclusive now but I will say this I would love to play Bayonetta 2 & 3 those are the types of hardcore action games that have my interest.

Skankinruby312d ago

Lmao you're the only one drinking the kool-aid here kid. Your determination followed by utter inability to downplay Sony is nothing short of laughable. You nitpick and straw grasp to create arguments that have zero validity. Microsoft and Nintendo rely on gimmicks and redundancy, sony is the backbone of this industry now wether you like it or not.

IamTylerDurden1312d ago

What did Nintendo give ppl on console in 2016? You can cherry pick but overall Sony brings exclusives and new IP. Nintendo really doesn't have a great lineup for 2018 either. Compare PS4 and the Nintendo Switch expected lineup for 2018 and there is no comparison. Sony has huge exclusives and new IPs coming this year with GoW, Spiderman, Days Gone, Detroit, Dreams (expected), and of course MLB and SotC.

Knushwood Butt311d ago

Second Son is not First Light.

shaggy2303311d ago


Your downplaying Mario Kart 8 because its a remake of a Wii U game.

So what about all the ports of PS3 games the PS4 has had? do that mean they no longer count?

And lets not forget we have the ultimate remake of a remake Shadow of the Colossus, does that game not count either?

If your going to bash the Switch for having Wii U ports you best remember the PS4 has its fair share of PS3/PS2 ports as well.

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wzat15312d ago

I think Nintendo is wising up. They are the only Company that can hurt Sony. Everyone is fussing about ports but Who actually owned a Wii U? Wii U ports are an excellent way to use games that have not gotten the proper attention. Zelda BOTW and Mario Odyssey proved that Nintendo is listening to people. If they would have released another 2d Mario I would have fainted. Might take a year or two but Nintendo is making the right moves and they don't even need a great Online service like PSN or Live. Xbox, on the other hand, has a totally different strategy nowadays. It almost doesn't seem fair to compare them to the other two,. They are really focusing on video games as a service rather than pumping out exclusives. If they buy Valve I wouldn't be surprised. Then they would not care about releasing exclusives even more.

Kribwalker312d ago

Obviously people don’t share your same view on nintendo games, as Zelda outsold your new IP Horizon Zero Dawn and Mario Odyssey has sold 9 million copies in 3 months.

dantesparda312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

That's what happens when you have no games except Mario and Zelda. What else are they gonna buy? The crappy indie stuff? And Nintendo fanboys will buy anything Nintendo throws at them. Hence that sh!t Lambo. Overpriced junk just like everything else they do.

UCForce312d ago

Zelda and Mario are both legendary, but Horizon Zero Dawn is new champion. Spider Man is going to sell a lot of PS4 copies and it is very popular than Zelda and Mario. God of War is just as popular as two Nintendo games.

Kribwalker311d ago (Edited 311d ago )


are you seriously telling me God Of War will sell 9 million copies in 3 months? .......🤣🤣

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neutralgamer1992312d ago


i agree if it wasn't for sony gaming industry wouldn't be as big or diverse. We would be stuck with mario, zelda, halo and gears again and again


seriously LABO? you mean the cardboard boxes for $60-70

switch is way under powered compared to even OG ps4 and xbox one yet it costs a lot more and its accessories cost more than playstation and xbox

Nintendo always gets a free pass no matter what and please stop with the highest rated stuff zelda is no where near 10/10 and was reviewed by bunch of reviewers who grew up on nintendo consoles so in their hearts/mind they already have soft spots for nintendo and it's franchises. People like jim sterling who actually reviewed the game for what it was were attacked via DDOS

sony takes the most chances on IP's nintendo and xbox wouldn't even touch. More exclusives than nintendo and ms, better reviewed exclusives overall, more million plus selling exclusives than anyone else, they have the quantity and the quality

SuperSonic91312d ago

Nintendo Rider strikes again!
Don,t waste your time on him.

PS4 is the king.

Yohshida311d ago

"they keep pushing boundaries in terms of gameplay"

FAST get those QTE and cutscenes into the game! We love dat gameplay

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UCForce312d ago

Sony will continue to support PlayStation in a long run.

hehezuw312d ago

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Hugodastrevas312d ago

Well, it IS the best place to play 😁

Neonridr312d ago

minus 3rd party games that probably will look and run better on the One X

Hugodastrevas312d ago

It still plays those games, so who cares? Ah yeah, around 1% of Xbone's fanbase.

masterfox312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

yes 3rd games will probably run better on the X but MS screw it again!, for 500 bucks they didn't include a magnifying glass, lol , oh and no first party support hehe. Sorry for the facts Neon :D

Neonridr312d ago

@masterfox - just pointing things out. Sony may want to include an asterisk next to that statement. Some games offer a sizeable increase in pixel count, so don't kid yourself. No you can't tell the difference when you are watching 1080p youtube videos, you'd have to have a 4K monitor to notice any sort of gains with the One X.

LP-Eleven312d ago

Of course..... like clockwork, you just HAVE to be in the mix in a Sony topic "reminding" people about their competition.

OT: This year's line-up is probably going to be my favorite!

Elda312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

With a microscope/magnifying glass knowing side by side on 4k tvs they look the same.

OB1Biker312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

@Neo 'Sony may want to include an asterisk next to that statement. '
What are you talking about? thats a common advert quote but its totally fair to think the PlayStation is the best place to play. Faux true 4k or the number of flops have nothing to do with it.

Neonridr312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

@LP-Eleven - nah, just like to clarify the wording. It's very selective of course. And it really depends on the console you and your friends use. It's a slippery slope to say things like that, but that's marketing for ya.

I am psyched for what Sony is bringing in 2018. I haveGod of War, Secret of Mana remake (unless a Switch version comes) and SOTC preordered already, and I can't wait for Spiderman as well.

Rude-ro312d ago

Might look better, run better is not making any difference because the ps4 is not like the Xbox 361 pushing sub hd with performance issues.
The lowest the ps4 goes is 900p and the majority runs like it is suppose to. Strangely, 95% of games that “had” performance issues were game sponsored by Microsoft. Odd but that is tinfoil stuff(with facts, but still).
You are only talking about who has the most pixels on a mid gen console pushing base console copies of games.

Neonridr312d ago

so pixels don't matter now, they certainly did at the start of this gen. Interesting.

LP-Eleven312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Clarify the wording my leg. It didn't need any clarification and you wouldn't have done this had it been in a topic about another company. So spare me your nonsense that you're just trying to "bring balance". You're as balanced as a lop-sided seesaw.

Neonridr312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

@LP-Eleven - I don't even own an Xbox system, so not sure what you are trying to imply, lol.

I am a Nintendo and Sony guy personally. I do have a gaming PC for any MS games that I absolutely must play (Sea of Thieves looks pretty darn good).

And I am sure people went ballistic when MS used the words True 4K for their system, claiming it wasn't true and it was a lie to customers. Well does implying that the Playstation being the best place to play misleading? I mean the term "best" has a bunch of different meanings. Is it better because the games have more content? or is it better because it performs better? Because we all know that the second point won't exactly be correct 99% of the time.

OB1Biker312d ago

Having some GOW pixels do matter a lot

OffRoadKing312d ago

Nintendo has proven you dont need to look better to be better. Pixel count doesn't translate into most enjoyable experience a lot of factors go into it. Playstation has proven through its diverse game offerings and amazing exclusives it is the best place to play. If you need to count pixels for fun theres a console for that too.

gangsta_red312d ago


Shouldn't you be pointing out how this article is "subjective"? Or does this not count here?

LP-Eleven312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I didn't say anything about Xbox, genius. I said you wouldn't have pulled this crap about another company (and people here know enough about you that it's obvious). I don't care how many explanations you puke up. If there is a chance to attack Sony, you take it, even if the topic is positive. And claiming to be a "Sony guy", when your history reeks of something else, doesn't make it any more believable.

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Rude-ro312d ago

@neon “oh, so pixels do not matter now...”
When you for from a sub hd console to a sub hd console from one gen to the next AND charge more for it... yes. It matters A LOT.
When you have a second upgraded console in the same gen to push the same games that are on the base console, the concern is not nearly as much. Yes, both consoles compliment a 4K tv with this gen, but we are talking about making this gen look better on a 4K tv. We are not talking about game changing graphics on new engines for a stronger console. We are talking make up on said games. Then you have to factor in, which base console provides the best groundwork to provide amazing game engines to more make up on.
A game like horizon or uncharted would look phenomenal on the Xbox one x... so much so that people would buy said console to show that off... but being A. They do not exist on said console and if they did then B. It would be less of a great looking game due to all the corners cut to make it run on the base Xbox one. That’s the difference. Core hardware and the company that is making games for them.
You will see and have seen that as long as the Xbox one is supported, those are the games you are getting. Being now that certain fans CAN see a “huge” difference, you realize that the difference is there on core hardware as well.

Realms312d ago

It's no wonder these MS fanboys always bring up third party games since MS practically has zero first party games.

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RommyReigns312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

The Best Place to Play!

Then. Now. Forever.

Relientk77312d ago

Ok... I'll add a WWE reference too

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Vizigoth04312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

As long as Sony continues to support their variety of strong exclusives then it's also the best place to play multiplats because I don't have to fork over $500 just to play them prettier. Then you already have the incentive of PSVR. I could say the same for Nintendo if I had the Nintendo Switch. They have their Exclusive that define them and the incentive of play on the go. Each has their own unique identifier that pulls interest.

Aceman18312d ago

👆 right here is how i feel about the xbox right now. I have no need to fork over 500 just to play prettier versions of 3rd party games when they play the exact same on PS4 Pro, and I get great 1st party to boot.

Having a switch to complete my gaming needs is pure icing on the cake. So M$ get ur sh*t together and convince me otherwise.

312d ago
Aceman18312d ago


Your wall of text reads as blah, blah, blah.

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