NVIDIA proves the cloud can replace a high-end gaming rig

NVIDIA's GeForce Now proves your next gaming PC could be in the cloud.

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MegamanXXX284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

"I was able to play Rainbow Six: Siege and PlayerUnkn own's Battlegrounds on underpowered PCs that sell for $200 to $300"

Hmmm interesting

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Ittoittosai284d ago

Yeah as long as you pay hourly to play the games.

akaFullMetal284d ago

Eventually the technology will get there and seem like there isn't any input lag when playing games. We are getting a little closer every year. We just need faster internet speeds for this to actually succeed.

UltraNova284d ago

As long as internet usage caps, high Ping and throttling are a thing these services will never be viable.

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ginsunuva280d ago

*You* need faster internet speeds. Some of us have enough that we can't notice latency.

InTheZoneAC284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

The same people probably believe 4k streaming by Netflix/Amazon are just as good as uhd Blu-rays.

We're in 2018 and PvP suffers because people still have lousy connections. Now we think we can just magically play high end games at a steady framerate? Okai!

I trialed ps now, only game I played was super stardust HD(I have it on all my systems) and I knew how fast paced it gets and the input lag was unbearable with the ps now version. It was definitely playable but it's supposed to be 60fps and it felt like my controller just had constant interference.

TankCrossing284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

You're absolutely right about 4k streaming vs UHD blu-ray, but at the same time you have to acknowledge that most people are actually entirely satisfied by Netflix, so the convenience and price wins out.

There is no reason to think games streaming can't reach a level of quality that the average user will be quite satisfied with if paired with convenience and a good price.

1080p60 might hit that mark for a lot of people. I don't think NVidia have the reach to make it big, but when PSNow/Game Pass or another big player like Amazon start offering this quality of experience straight to a TV/console/firestick or whatever that could have quite an impact.

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Sirk7x284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

5G networks will be rolling out within the next couple of years, and the latency is supposedly so low that it can be used to perform surgeries remotely. I imagine in ten years cloud based services will begin to replace hardware solutions for many consumers. It's what businesses want anyways. Complete control over how you use their products, while collecting a subscription fee. In 12 years, I imagine Playstation and Xbox will be services people use on their phones, which by then will replace many PCs as well if said cloud processes are reliable. Rest it on a charge pad that automatically projects to a screen. I could be wrong, and there are always niche markets that thrive, but it seems to be the way that things are headed.

InTheZoneAC284d ago

Gaming will not move from consoles to phones, you are absolutely crazy

Sirk7x284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

I'm just saying, with the way AI and technology grows, in 15 years the world could be a very different place. I imagine one day soon AI will probably also be able to create any kind of audio, video content procedurally and near instantly based on its owner's likes as well. I'm talking "Alexa, write me a book in the horror genre similar to my interests," or "Build me a game like Dark Souls." The day this becomes possible, what need would there be for people to work in those industries at all? I'm not saying I like it, I just think that technology making human work obsolete is inevitable.

Jalapeno284d ago

I had the same response when I was telling people before the iPhone 4 came out that those things could replace handheld console games. There are already cloud gaming services available for $9.99 on mobile devices and none of them are named GeForce Now.

ginsunuva280d ago

I.e. your superpowered phone in 2030 connects to a TV and streams games.
Nothing is moving from consoles to phones, he's saying it might all move to a single cloud irrelevant of what type of device streams it.

Ittoittosai284d ago

I dont want to pay a subscription fee or hourly to play games dude neither does most of the gaming population. What companies want is irrelvent what we allow them to get away with is what matters.

Sirk7x284d ago

If it's convenient enough, people will go to it. There was a time where people laughed at services like Netflix and thought digital music was silly. Granted, there are still markets for physical media, but I guarantee in ten years that gap will close significantly.

andibandit283d ago (Edited 283d ago )

If total cost, for the consumer, ends up in favour of these services, I wouldnt mind.

DillyDilly284d ago (Edited 284d ago )

The problem is you will go over your data plans easily

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