Are English Dubs in Games Endangered?

Atelier Lydie and Suelle has reignited an ongoing dialogue regarding the state of English dubs in games going forward.

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GameBoyColor2130d ago

Yeah i noticed this decline in dubs since mid 2013ish. Obviously it's cheaper just to have subs(despite what dub lovers say in the subvdub debate) and I don't mind personally. That being said I was always on the side of choice and it sucks to not have both options within the tiny niche we belong in going forward.

Rachel_Alucard2130d ago

Dynasty warriors 9 has a dub thankfully because all of Tecmo koeis warrior games past DW8 Xtreme legends outside of FE Warriors and Hyrule have been dubless.

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New Granblue Fantasy: Relink PS5 Gameplay Looks Amazing and Reveals English Voice-overs

A large chunk of new gameplay of the upcoming action JRPG Granblue Fantasy: Relink has been shared, showing more of Cygames' magnum opus.

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Nyxus30m ago

Kind of worried this game will be overshadowed since it releases so close to FF7 Rebirth and Persona 3 Reload (especially the latter, which launches the next day).


10 Upcoming Games of December 2023

December marks the end of a long year of amazing games, but there are still some worthwhile titles to pick up during the month.

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Monster Hunter Rise’s crossover Sonic DLC won’t be downloadable from January, even if you own it.

Capcom has announced that some of the collaboration DLC in Monster Hunter Rise will be delisted in January.

Collaborations with Sonic the Hedgehog, Universal Studios Japan, and Sengan-en will no longer be available in the game after January 21, 2024.

Players who’ve already downloaded the content will be able to continue to use it. However, whereas most games and content that are delisted are still available to redownload after they’re gone, this isn’t the case here.

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