'Pokemon' For Nintendo Switch Might Be Releasing In 2018

The core RPG Pokemon title for Nintendo Switch has been listed with a release date of "2018 or later". Could this massive game be released this year?

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Neonridr313d ago

would definitely help keep momentum going if it comes this year.

CorndogBurglar312d ago

I just hope they don't screw with the formula too much. Keep it turn based. Not this "realtime turnbased action rpg" nonsense.

Keep it Pokemon. Give it nice new shiny graphics. And let it roll like that.

bass4g312d ago

Completely disagree. Pokemon as it is is seriously getting stale. They've only just moved away from a top down tile based system ffs. The series needs to evolve and I don't necessarily mean getting rid of turn based (though I think they could replace it with some variant of xenoblade's combat system without too much hastle), it just needs to do new things. Kind of likewhat botw dis for zelda only moreso. It would probably also sell a hell of a lot more. Pokemon go showed there's a lot more potential Pokemon fans than are in the core Pokemon fan base; give them the Pokemon game they always dreamed of playing.

Senboza312d ago

Turn based? Come on dude. They should make it action, with only the first 151 Pokemons.

metalgod88312d ago

I'd love to see it turned based, but if they do something like what Ni No Kuni did with their combat, I'd be okay with that too.

Zeref312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I would have been fine if they released it in 2019 or 2020. IF they at least had a version of Sun and Moon for switch. I have a switch but never bought a 3DS, because I could not justify buying it just for Pokémon(literally the only game that interested me), so I never played any of the new 3D pokemon games. I wanted a Switch the minute I saw Zelda and Mario Oddysey. I had to get it. So I did. And I love it as much as I love my Xbox. I just need pokemon now dammit!

Sirk7x312d ago

The 3DS has a really great and diverse library.

Zeref312d ago

Yeah, it does. But none that interest me. What happened to having opinions and personal preference?

The Switch convinced me because of Zelda and Oddysey and its power as a handheld device.

Moonman313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

That's that big a$$ can of whoop a$$

Nebaku312d ago

Wow, you mean the game they announced as coming 2018 or later, might be coming in 2018?! What shocking news.

Zeref311d ago

Officially its 2018 or later. I think 2018 is the plan but they don't know if they're gonna make it yet.

EddieNX 312d ago

I just got Ultra sun yday so I can wait 😁

Between Monster hunter world , Pokémon ultra sun and I still need to play Xenoblade 2, my social life is effectively over.

Gemmol312d ago

im at 125 hours just started chapter 10 in xenoblade.......I think pokemon ultra sun is about 70 with 200 hours you should be able to finish both games, and play monster hunter world

EddieNX 312d ago

That's the plan! I don't like juggling too many games at once. I'm looking forward to finishing Xenoblade , but monster hunter first!

Norad6312d ago

What to know how you quickly sell 14 million additional units? This right here.

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The story is too old to be commented.