Assessing the Battlefield: Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass vs. Sony’s PlayStation Now

Microsoft’s Game Pass is picking up momentum, but is it any match for Sony’s PlayStation Now? We, the writers at Coin-Drop, will lay out the battlefield, from past to present, from catalogs to price points, to see which one is the better gaming service.

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Thatguy-310259d ago

Microsoft's Game Pass hands down.

Septic259d ago

Lol I wish we could see who is disagreeing.

PSNow was crap before XGP was even a thing. When XGP was announced it already overshadowed it and with the announcement of exclusives being supported day one, it just smashed a nail in PSNow's coffin.

FallenAngel1984259d ago

Both services have perks that make it worth it

nowitzki2004258d ago

EA Access is garbage. shut it down

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