EA Talks Loot Boxes in Star Wars Battlefront II, Disney's Position, and the Gambling Issue

During Electronic Arts' quarterly earnings conference call, Chief Executive Officer Andrew Wilson and Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen talked about Star Wars Battlefront II, microtransactions, loot boxes, and the plans going forward.

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ArchangelMike260d ago

EA...smh! So much spin, so much greed. It just confirms that their customers are Not the gamers, but the investors.

They've learnt nothing.

IamTylerDurden1259d ago

It bothers me that ppl are still talking about BF2's loot boxes rather than the recently announced delay of Anthem to 2019. I think it's an absolute joke that EA stealthily announced a 2019 delay for Anthem in January of 2018 after they marched out on the Microsoft stage and proudly proclaimed a 2018 date. Clearly Microsoft and EA used Anthem to hype the xbone x and to sell consoles.

dolfa259d ago

Or it's core element was lootbox mechanic :-)

TheCommentator259d ago

Captain Obvious would like to point out that a game, announced in June 2017, may not stay on schedule if it still has 17-18 months until its projected release, and that moving it until January is only a two month delay. But really, if you want to talk about a company using announcements to sell consoles when their line up was sparse, this is not the article to do this in.

"Clearly Microsoft and EA used Anthem to hype the xbone x and to sell consoles." Seriously, if it was moved to Holiday 2019 I could see your point, but two months? Besides that, many games have been pushed to spring from Holiday, including Sony and MS 1st party, over the years.

IamTylerDurden1259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

It bothers me that ppl are still talking about BF2's loot boxes instead of the recently announced delay of Anthem to 2019. The fact that EA stealthily announced a 2019 delay for Anthem in January of 2018 is ridiculous. It's not necessarily the fact that it was delayed but rather when it was delayed. The sheer fact that EA is telling us that the next 11 months isn't enough time to finish the game shows that the E3 announcement on the Microsoft stage was likely just a ploy to hype the xbone x and to sell preorders (of the x).

They have nearly a year to attempt to ship the game but instead they announce a 2019 delay? This tells me that EA probably realized from the get-go that it was not a 2018 game and bothers me that both EA and Microsoft used it to hype their E3's.

IamTylerDurden1259d ago

I didn't mean to post a similar thing twice but N4G refreshed and i thought i had to retype my sentiment.

ArchangelMike259d ago

I hear your point, but tbh I think it's more to do with a combination of industry factors. First you have BF2 and the lootbox controversy, but then there's also the controversy over Destiny 2 - which is a model I believe Anthem wants to emulate.

I think EA wants to distance themselves from both of these, as well as restructuring some of Anthems' game mechanics that may be cause controversy, i.e. the whole BF2 progression system.

PapaBop259d ago

Trying to see the positive side of it though, I'm hoping they're reacting to the BF2 controversy and all the crap surrounding Bungie and Destiny 2 in hope that when Anthem does launch, we'll get a complete product free from controversy.. not holding my breath though.

Atanasrikard259d ago

I have a couple of problems with your statement.

First of all, this is Bioware we are talking about. They are notorious for delaying their games with statements like, "it will release when it is ready." However, they aren't saying that. This will increase the amount of time that they have to add more polish to the game... or microtransactions, whatever helps you feel better.

Second, EA has stated that the reason they are delaying the game is so that it doesn't have to compete with the new Battlefield release. According to you and others, that is a lie. You believe what you want. I, personally, don't care if the game is delayed. As long as it is good when it finally releases.

On another note, you show your absolute fanboy bias when you drag Microsoft in to this even though MS has nothing to do with the delay of the game. But no, you are right, EA has a secret alliance with MS to sell the X.

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Dragonscale259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

So true. The statement to their investors saying how removing the bullcrap wouldn't effect profits spoke volumes.

XiNatsuDragnel260d ago (Edited 260d ago )

EA not buying any game from you good job you pos.

ziggurcat260d ago

I made that decision the moment they shut down visceral because they were making a single player game.

InTheZoneAC259d ago

I just buy their games used now, no penny towards them.

Araragifeels 259d ago

Only game that I buy new day one from them is Battlefield but any other is used, when is cheap.

TankCrossing259d ago

That's funny. I've seen you moaning about Game Pass, but you're actually actively pushing the industry in that direction.

badz149259d ago

LOL what was the last EA game I bought? oh yeah...BF4 Premium when it was on sale for $20 on PSN. good luck getting my money again EA, you scumbag!

Nyxus260d ago

"He argued that Electronic Arts’ plan is “absolutely” to continue to drive and focus and deliver on digital economies and live services."

What a surprise.

PapaBop259d ago

That's the hilarious thing I find, when you look at the GAS model and the developers who have been successful with it, the majority all have one thing in common, communication with their playerbase. Look at Overwatch and how Jeff Kaplan communicates with his fanbase as a great example of it done right. EA just don't run their company like that.

Ittoittosai259d ago

You mean the devs who are now trolling youtube looking for what they consider toxic players and banning them? Yeah great example.

strayanalog259d ago

"Wilson explained that Electronic Arts remains committed to the Star Wars franchise." - Thanks for warning me.

This is all I got from this entire article:
EA: I want to take over the world.‎
Disney: I want to take over the world!
EA: You wouldn't happen to like to screw people over would you?
Disney: Did we just become friends?!
EA: Totally!‎

munchmiller259d ago

Good god. This company just makes me wanna throw up. Here's hoping 2018 kicks you right in the nads EA. I'll be popping a champagne bottle to your demise someday.

Ittoittosai259d ago

Their 'vision" is what will cause the gaming bubble to brust.

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