The Best Video Game Consoles of All Time

Best Video Game Consoles of All Time - There are so many consoles that have come and gone over the years, but which consoles stand on top? We take a look at the best consoles of all time.

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guywazeldatatt262d ago

There are a lot of amazing consoles over the years. This generation has finally come into its own and isn't plagued by remasters anymore or games being developed for last-gen and this generation anymore.

Nyxus262d ago

I don't see how it's a plague when there are also plenty of new games coming out. It's good for the people who missed them. The Switch is also plagued by remasters and ports and nobody seems to mind.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

the difference for me, and this is just my observation, is that for the first two years or so of the PS4 and XB1 that's almost all we got, and games that were kinda subpar because development was split because they were still putting games on the older consoles too. the thing is, the switch came out with so much original content from the beginning and mario and zelda within the first seven months. now you could argue that zelda is a port, but they spent extra time to optimize it for the switch so i simply don't view that way. and with remasters on the ps4/xbi, i'm only talking about the first two years. now the consoles have come into their own. I almost lost all interest in gaming with my ps4 because of this, but, not anymore. love all the great games coming out and am really excited for this year.

Nyxus262d ago

@ Darklink28: yeah but the Switch is really getting a lot of ports especially from the Wii U, I mean they ported almost half its first party library so far and I don't think they're finished yet. Aside from that, there are also ports coming from other platforms, like Skyrim and LA Noire. I don't think it's a big problem, but neither is it for PS4 and XB1.

lifeistranger262d ago

the remasters were actually really good for PS4. I'm glad they did kingdom hearts again and FFX/X-2 again on the ps4 and a few others. there's nothing wrong with that. but it doesn't even matter that's what the author i think is missing and i think you may agree. it doesn't matter now because that was then, now, at least sony, is coming out with all these awesome exclusives and original content. and yeah remastering some amazing games like shadow of the colossus.

michellelynn0976262d ago

You know I agree. I have no problem with some ports abd remasters as long as they are good.

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HyperMouse262d ago

Not sure if trolling, there are more remasters to come DmC and shadow of the colossus come to mind, and as long as games get made for the PS4 and PS Pro and the OG Xbox and the XboxX, this generation will always be limited.

Nyxus262d ago

Kind of strange to complain about ports and remasters on the PS4 and not mention this in the paragraph about the Switch.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

It's different with the switch though. No one bought the Wii U. It was a failure. They're bringing games over that no one has really played before and it's not a bad business move, plus they have a ton of original content up to this point. It's only during this past direct it's been quite a few ports, and bayonetta 1 and 2.

nintendoswitchfan262d ago

yeah but they went overboard. they can't just sell basically all old ports from the wii u and then two original games in the first half of the year. i still thinks he switch is the best but it's dumb. of course i'm dumb and will still buy them because i got rid of all those games and my wii u.

Nyxus262d ago

That's not the point, it's the same principle. A lot of people also missed the games that were ported and remastered for PS4. And take Mario Kart 8 for example, it sold over 8 million copies on the Wii U. Hardly 'no one'.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

no they didn't. the games have new features and some of the games, like the world ends with you, is a game i never played so i'm super stoked. hyrule warriors was a really run game as was DK tropical freeze, so it will give players who never had a wii u the chance to experience several excellent games. and mario tennis looks incredible.

Nyxus262d ago

@ Darklink28: I understand that, but that goes for any remaster on any platform.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

@nyxus this is true MK8 sold amazingly well on the wii u. but the wii u sold maybe 14 million units? the switch has almost surpassed that already and most of the switch owners never played it. you cannot compare to the PS4/PS3 because the PS3 sold like 80 million units and was a huge success

Nyxus262d ago

@ Darklink28: but the Wii U software (which is what we're talking about here) actually sold very well.

Mario Kart 8. 8.38 million pcs.
New. Super Mario Bros. U. 5.73 million pcs.
Super Mario 3D World. 5.70 million pcs.
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. 5.26 million pcs.
Nintendo Land. 5.18 million pcs.
Splatoon. 4.87 million pcs.
Super Mario Maker. 3.98 million pcs.
New Super Luigi U. 2.99 million pcs.

So it's not like no one played those games, that are very impressive numbers.

Nitrowolf2262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

A port of a remaster at the end of the day is still a port. They arent "different"

If people are gonna complain about them on one platform then that same principle should apply to all, regardless of installbase. You may have missed those wii u games, but I certianley didnt. See how that works?

There are roughly 7.5 billion people on this earth, by the logic of x amount of people missed out on x game, then there is nothing wrong with ports period.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

@nyxus i'm not saying they didn't sell well, what I'm saying is that current switch owners never got a chance to play those games because the Wii U SYSTEM sold so poorly, under 14 million units, and the Switch is very close to surpassing that. Like my sister bought a Switch,never had a Wii U, this would give her the opportunity to play it. I know a ton of people who have a switch who didn't buy a wii U. and I'm not trying to know Sony for remasters of their first-party games, in the beginning of the generation it was kinda necessary for a few reasons, because they were building an install base from nothing and they knew people would buy it. but, this current generation now has a ton of original content and i think it's great. i'm not against remasters my point is that in the beginning of the generation kinda went overboard and there wasn't a lot of original content to be found.

Dragonscale262d ago

@dark, a port is a port regardless if the console they are ported from was a flop. You can't exclude switch based on your own personal criteria to fit your agenda. Anyhow its also had a lot of ports that aren't wiiu games as well tbh.

Hardiman262d ago

There's lots of games I missed or never finished from the PS3 and 360 days!

boing1261d ago

What about people that switched from another platform? Plenty of my friends dropped Xbox for PS4 and are super stoked to play some of the remasters. Also, every platform has them.

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lifeistranger262d ago

the switch remasters are fine, just like the ps4 ones were and even some of the xbox ones like gears 1. no one complains about mario kart 8 and zelda is technically a port of the wii u version. the ports are good games and include new content, whatever. also splatoon 2 uses the assets from the first i think and no one says anything about that.

nintendoswitchfan262d ago

nintendo switch will be number one by the end of its lifecycle. mark my words.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

honestly I don't think it will be. the PS2 is hard to top, that was such an amazing console, and the SNES still has the best library of games ever. the switch is an amazing piece of hardware but it won't surpass the ps2 or snes. the SNES classic makes me realize that more and more.

Hugodastrevas262d ago

@Darling... And I disagree.

Hugodastrevas262d ago

The Switch is just a passing fad, mark my words.

guywazeldatatt262d ago

no I legitimately think it's here for the long-term. it has some of the best oriiginal content, it is getting third-party support, and it already has two of the best games ever made. It's almost surpassed theWii U in sales in just under a year.

michellelynn0976261d ago

Lol um no. Stop being a fanboy. It is the real deal.

nowitzki2004261d ago

Neither of you are right. Its not a fad and its not the greatest console of all time.

lifeistranger262d ago

no it won't. it's a great console, but it will always be a secondary console for those who own a PS4 and XB1. or just one of them.

michellelynn0976261d ago

Um no. A lot of gamers say it is their primary console. Again, stop being a fanboy.

BrettAwesome261d ago

...yeah, because it's their only one 😂

Nineball2112262d ago

I just can't see that happening, not taking anything away from the Switch.

bluefox755262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Considering it's currently being outsold by PS4, which is 4 years into it's life cycle already, there is not a chance this will ever happen. Unless you're talking about this list he made, in which case, it's entirely subjective and based on one person's opinion.

michellelynn0976261d ago

Um how many consoles were no1 their first year?

Razzer262d ago

On your list you mean. Opinions do vary

Skankinruby261d ago

Lol it couldn't even outsell ps4 in its launch year. Week after week ps4 spreads the gap switch has zero chance of even remotely being a threat


No need! just marking your user name says it all!

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Hugodastrevas262d ago

Switch the Xbox360 for Dreamcast and the Switch for PS1 and this list improves 10x

guywazeldatatt262d ago

PS1 was a great console but with the Switch, it's just so innovative. Xbox 360 was the best of last generation, can't leave that off.

Hugodastrevas262d ago

"Xbox 360 was the best of last generation", highly debatable.

The PS1 was the first console ever to sell 100 million units, the first console to use CDs and the first console with 3d graphics a huge library and the real competition to Nintendo. The PS1 changed the whole paradigm of the business.

The Switch is just hype, and it's spot is just pandering.

Gunstar75262d ago


The ps1 wasn't the first console to use cd's was it? Didn't pc engine do that first? I think the Saturn launched before the PS1 also.

As for 3D graphics; both SNES and Genisis/Megadrive dabbled in 3D with their allecerator chips.

LP-Eleven262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

"Xbox 360 was the best of last generation"

I happily disagree.

OT: My personal list looks a little different...
1. PS1
3. PS3
4. Xbox 360
5. Nintendo 64

Kiwi66262d ago

@Hugodastrevas the Sega CD was using CD's in 1992 followed by the Atari Jaguar & Panasonic 3DO in 1993 so no the PS1 wasn't the first console to use CD's

Hugodastrevas262d ago

@gunstar75 I stand corrected on the cd front.

Dabbling on 3d isn't making 3d gaming mainstream.

Skankinruby261d ago

Lol xbox 360 was garbage. They used the same redundant crap as they're using now and gamers with common sense realized they were fooled. Ps3 ran circles around 360.

261d ago
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lifeistranger262d ago

I wish dreamcast survived. gaming would be forever changed if it did. PS1 sold so much and had so many amazing games, it's above the PS4 for now at least.

DiRtY262d ago

Oh dear, I could not make a list for myself.

Original Xbox for making (real and working) online gaming a reality on consoles?
N64 for bringing games like Zelda OoT, Goldeneye and Mario64?
Xbox 360 for introducing XBLA (indie games), VoD, and improve online gameplay significantly?
Sega Dreamcast, a console that was so much ahead of its time - online gaming in 1998?

guywazeldatatt262d ago

N64 was fantastic but there was a huge drought after release with games and while there were some great games and what I believe to be the greatest game all time, OoT, I dont't think it can be justified as one of the absolute best consoles. also commercially it's when Nintendo started to have a downward spiral. the playstation destroyed it in sales.

DiRtY262d ago

getting outsold does not make the consoles less attractive.

Mario Kart, Goldeneye and Extreme G in one year was mindblowing.