Game Pass Doesn't Make a Digital-Only Future Any More Appealing

Alex from Twinfinite writes "many gamers, including myself, have largely resisted the digital gaming revolution. I still dabble in digital games, but it’s limited to remasters, collections, and indies. My sparkly AAA games get shelf space, and I don’t want that to ever change.

However, recent improvements to Microsoft’s Game Pass program has just put a giant spanner in the works."

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Yukes263d ago

Including the latest first-party Microsoft games in the pass is a game-changer. Well, it would be if they released many good first-party games...

MrSwankSinatra263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Not really when their first party titles are either A: unappealing to the mass market (IE: sea of thieves and crackdown 3) or B: have continued to be on the decline. MSFT should have built a repertoire of great studios coupled with new invigorating IPs to actually sell game pass. Game pass is not gonna drive the market when there is no must have content.

spartan112g263d ago

Hmmmm, Sea of Thieves was at the top of Twitch when the beta released and is still at #11. Anecdotally, I know a lot of gamers, both casual and hardcore, that are excited about it which even surprised me. Game Pass is perfect for the many people that are interested in it and want an easier way in. Also, many people have good memories of Crackdown, so giving that for $10 is a good nostalgia trip. State of Decay 2... let’s just say that people played Vermintide because it was free. I bet people are willing to try this as well.

Professor_K262d ago

"Not really when their first party tittles are eighther A; unappealing to the mass market (Ie sea thief's and crack down) "

HAHAHA Speak for your self ponie. Unappealing to the Sony fanboy masses more like it. Like we give a rats arse, Sot is delivering.

MrSwankSinatra261d ago

@Spartan112g, twitch statistics are a small section of the gaming landscape not to mention they're not really reliable until the game has been out for multiple weeks to gauge the popularity of something, so thats not really a credible point.

@Professor_K sorry, but you obviously don't know how economics work, i think you need to take a class or two to actually grasp what i'm saying. Sea of Thieves doesn't have broad appeal and neither does crackdown, that series never has, get over it.

BigKev45263d ago

Enter EA to the Microsoft fold?

zcmilano263d ago

What I hate is how it kinda devalues $60 games, which we already know are cheap compared to development costs. Not sure where this leaves game developers of singleplayer games. Suddenly, $60 seems pretty steep for a game that you can complete in a month on Game Pass.

Omegasyde263d ago

People dont seem to get this.

No publisher is going to spend millions on an AAA game just to release it so you can play it for 10$ a month.

The math doesnt add up. If this was like titles that were 2+ years old (meaning almost zero new sales) or a game launched with lots of multiple micro transactions- then i get this. I think this might bite Microsoft in the foot.

Zeref263d ago

So why does Netflix have 80million subscribers if "the math doesn't add up"?

PrematuaProcrastin8a263d ago

You have no idea how the game pass deals work. It could be that the publisher is paid when the game is downloaded and played, and also paid for putting it on there in the 1st place. Game pass only needs to have enough subscribers to make it a profitable exercise, as publishers would prefer a monthly income rather than recouping most of their investment in the few weeks after release, with all the risk that entails. Even the best selling games sell to only a fraction of the console install base, but services like game pass and EA Access sell to a much wider audience. That is how it is profitable. MS putting exclusive games on there will only attract more subscribers, which will make it more attractive to publishers and so on.

Godmars290263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

More tot he point they wouldn't have to. Technically a Steam-like console service releasing "big budget" AAA titles would in the end be a money saver to publishers. While they likely continue to complain about cost and insist on things like MTs to recover money not being spent.

Because they built up that customer base using 3rd party media. Are relatively just now creating 1st party media to keep said base as similar streaming services sprout up, delude what benefits were being offered, and cause the industry to crash. Nevermind that Netflix has apparently been in the red since conception.

81BX262d ago

He failed math. He also thinks this is the only way games will be sold moving forward. SMH

Chevalier262d ago


" So why does Netflix have 80million subscribers if "the math doesn't add up"?"

Answered your own question right there. Xbox won't have anywhere near the kind of numbers Netflix does.

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TankCrossing263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

$60 is pretty steep for a game you can complete in a month.

Game Pass isn't the problem, it is a solution.

Ashlen263d ago (Edited 262d ago )

Who pays $60 for games? I pay about $45 with free shipping with Best Buy Gamers Club. And on top of that during Black Friday last year I got 11 retail games most that launched in 2017 for around $100. I now own them I can play them for the month after I buy them and in ten years if I want to play them again I can.

TankCrossing262d ago (Edited 262d ago )

The $60 figure was quite clearly taken from the comment I directly replied to. I've never personally paid for a game in Dollars, I'm English.

Sorry to hear Best Buy are ripping you off so badly though. You should check out Game Pass, it could save you loads of money and you'd get to play hundreds of games for less money than you are spending now :p

Ashlen262d ago

Zero of the games I bought are on game pass. So i guess your wrong.

TankCrossing262d ago

That's a shame. I hope a good value subscription that includes the games you want is available for you soon.

Until then you could always pretend that actually own the games you are paying for, or something fanciful like that. It won't help your bank balance, but it might help take the edge off.

Yes yes, I'm only playing. I know and respect your point of view really ;)

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FTLmaster263d ago

The inevitable future is coming. Fairplay, this looks fairly palatable.

PhoenixUp263d ago

Well for one this service isn’t even going to include every game, let alone every day one release

gamerpop263d ago

Publishers will follow suit if Game Pass is a success. Imagine a dystopia where Konami, Ubisoft, and EA all charge $5 a month to play their games. Won't that be fun?

Ashlen263d ago

5$ is a dream...

The prices haven't risen on games because publishers don't want to charge more, it's been the competition from resale that has kept the price down. As soon as there is only digital the price will skyrocket as there is no competition and the publishers will just agree to raise prices.

My first cable bill was $19.99 now it's around $60 and the same with internet. The people who want this digital future are the same people who defended horse armor, now we have MT gamble boxes. Trusting that these companies are doing anything for players benefit is the biggest mistake they can make.

Kramerica13263d ago

I traded in my collection years ago and don't miss it. I'm all for a full-blown Netflix for games future.

Ashlen263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

What if you want to watch a movie that's not on Netflix?

I own over a thousand games on various platforms dating back to before Atari, I am not going to trade that for 100 games I can only play for as long as some company lets me.

I can play Zelda on NES right now and I don't have to pay a cent.

spartan112g263d ago

Amazon Prime Video. There is a digital way around almost everything.

Ashlen263d ago


Why would you even bring up Amazon Prime they both have a very similar list and both of them combined don't even host 1% of all movies made.

I mean... did you actually think that was a clever reply? All it really shows it how little understanding you have of the situation.

CruseMissle263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

You don’t have to pay cent for Game Pass either. You can still buy your games just like you did before. I will be trying GP because it makes sense for games I wasn’t sure about to begin with. So if I don’t like it guess what .... I don’t own a game that I don’t like! I love how people try to make it seem like MS is forcing this on you. It’s just a option and to me that’s never a bad thing.

TankCrossing263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Your question isn't going to get a smart reply, because it isn't a smart question.

Q: "What if you want to watch a move that's not on Netflix?"
A: "You watch a movie that's not on Netflix".

Jinger262d ago

"What if you want to watch a movie that's not on Netflix?"
Then go watch it somewhere else?

"I own over a thousand games on various platforms dating back to before Atari, I am not going to trade that for 100 games I can only play for as long as some company lets me. "
Why would you trade in what you already own?

"I can play Zelda on NES right now and I don't have to pay a cent."
Awesome, until your NES breaks. Speaking of, when is Nintendo going to get off their ass and get the VC up and going!?

Ashlen262d ago (Edited 262d ago )


You can buy Repro Nes systems like Retrons.

timotim262d ago

You guys are trying to hard.

What if you want to watch a movie that's not on Netflix? Well if you want to watch it that bad then you simply buy it of course, which many Netflix subscribers currently do in that situation and an OPTION gamers will also have with Game Pass.

Game Pass does not prevent you from ever buying another game in your life haha. That's the beauty of it...for $9.99 one can afford Game Pass while continuing to purchase the many 3rd party games that are appealing to them and still come out better in the end.

WickedLester262d ago

"Amazon Prime."

@Spartan112g, thank you for making my point. Now you have to have two subscriptions to watch everything you desire. No doubt gaming will go the same route where you'll need an EA subscription, an Ubisoft subscription, a Bethesda subscription, etc. Gee the alll digital future sure looks bright doesn't it?

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