Amazing PS Plus Offer Hits Europe With Far Cry 4 For Free

PS Plus in Europe has launched a new deal for PS Plus subscribers.

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GamesMaster1982260d ago

So it looks like we are all not getting Far Cry 4 next month like that idiot loser fake person leaked. Guess it's going to be another pile of shovelware. We ill sub maybe the month after if anything decent is offered.

OB1Biker260d ago

I was looking forward to DS2. I don't know why a pic with no source was allowed as valid rumor on N4G though.

sampsonon259d ago

it was a "valid" rumor. even though it was thought to be for everyone the rumor was at least right when it came to the game and a ps plus subscription free game. even though one needs to buy a year sub to get it.
it's not like FC4 wasn't on the table.

boing1259d ago

I'm sure normal subscribers are going to get it at some point. I don't think it's going to be before Far Cry 5 though.

badz149259d ago

Asia is getting the same offer at the moment. A year PS+ with free FC4

zivtheawesome260d ago

It’s kind of hilarious how the fake leak was still semi correct

RommyReigns259d ago

Still better than anything ThisGenGaming predicts

gigoran259d ago

Lol thisgengaming

Aka: an ad filled website made by 2 defensive kids in their mothers basement

Xenophon_York259d ago

Seems as though around a year ago something like this happened. The following month the European offering was part of the North American PSN Plus list. Let's not lose hope quite yet.

theshredded259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

I'm glad we're not getting Far Cry 4, there's so much better open world games. Played Far Cry 3 which was awesome for the first 10hrs then fell flat and became repetitive and dull.

madforaday259d ago

All games are repetitive and dull if you make it that way. I can make Horizon Zero Dawn repetitive and dull but that is on me and not the game. I think Far Cry 4 outshines Far Cry 3 in every single category besides story, which in a Far Cry game isn't a big deal.

1nsomniac259d ago

Far Cry 4 didn’t outshine 3 in any respect what so ever.

After making a ground breaking villain in Vass. Pagan Min was utter garbage. The game as a whole was a massive step backwards in all departments.

madforaday259d ago

The one thing I said was better in Far Cry 3 was the story and that is what you comment on, on something we agree on. When it comes to weapons, travel and combat, Far Cry 4 had way more for you to do. The only thing that Far Cry 3 did well was the story, and Vass wasn't even the main villain.. He was gone half way through the story. At least give me a real reason on why you think Far Cry 3 was better and don't use something that I already agreed on. Lets be honest, the story in Far Cry games are NOT the reason you drop 60 bucks.

CP_Company259d ago

visited the shop. no free game :/

UKRsoldja259d ago

...were you a non-subscriber that just bought a 12 month ps+ subscription??

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The story is too old to be commented.