Nekopara Switch & PS4 Ports Announced

Neko Works have announced a Nekopara Switch & PS4 port from the Taipei Games Show. The comedic visual novel epic will be making the leap from PC to consoles in Q2/Q3 in Japan. There's no English announcement yet, but the large series has done well on PC in English, even being available on Steam.

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2308d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman2308d ago (Edited 2308d ago )

Ten bucks says neither version will be allowed to have "those" scenes.
Which is understandable from a marketing perspective [for "some reason", Adult-rated games don't sell too well on consoles.XD], but a crying shame from the perspective of VN gamers that don't like having the work shaved down for the sake of not offending anyone.
An option to enable or disable such scenes, with the default being off, would be a better middle ground.
That way those that want just the cute story can have that, and those that want the icing on their cakes can have it their way too.

jambola2307d ago

hopefully it comes with no censorship
probably won't bother otherwise

michellelynn09762307d ago

After checking out the article. It sounds promising.


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Nekopara Getting More Adorable Vanilla & Chocola Figures by Flare

Japanese figure manufacturers really love the adorable visual novel series Nekopara as of late, and two more have been announced.

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Nekopara Getting Glamorous Coconut Figure by Hakoiri Musume

While the adorable visual novel seroies Nekopara gets a lot of figures portraying the Vanilla and Chocola, those portraying the other heroines are rarer.

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CobraKai1468d ago

I disagree. It looks pretty hot 😁