Videogames’ portrayal of the Holocaust does a disservice to both players and victims

While Auschwitz is the most notorious of them all, the Nazis established over 40,000 concentration camps between 1933 and 1945. Some were used to force Jewish, Roma, LGBT, and other minorities to work, while others were used to systematically murder those people. In Treblinka alone, approximately 876,000 people were killed, and over 800,000 of the victims of this abhorrent violence were Jewish. Videogame portrayals of WWII and Nazism tend to shy away from this ugly truth, instead choosing to focus on the gun-on-gun conflicts of the time, ignoring the atrocities that backed them.

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kneon2356d ago

I can't really blame developers for avoiding the subject, no matter how they try to tackle it they would be critised.

The_KELRaTH2356d ago

In our now hyper critical world any dev would just get slaughtered by one side or the other - it's still too short a time in history.

stokedAF2356d ago

Concentration camp representation now? This is what happens when you have nothing left to complain about, cringe crusades. And nobody does it better than “fans” of games.

OffRoadKing2356d ago

That's because the games are based on the battles hence the "gun on gun conflicts", they're not about the atrocities and dont need to be.

madforaday2356d ago

You have a scene in COD where you are a Russian killing civilians in an airport. I can see a developer putting you in the shoes of a Nazi in a quick scene while you are walking around a concentration camp. I can see something like that but yeah, you are right.

agent45322356d ago

Games could be about the atrocities of World War 2. What is the point of bringing back World War 2 games if the games are going to be the same World War 2 games as in the nineties only prettier. A World War 2 game like a rpg or shooter that allows the gamer to play the holocaust in all its gory bloody portrayal will make the game innovative. A World War 2 game were the gamer is a Nazi doing experiments on Jewish and minorities is a game that needs to be made. ...

Nodoze2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Why would we look to videogames to tell the story of the Holocaust? Think about that for a minute. Do we want a Schindler's List game? HELL NO. The reason Nazi's are portrayed the way they are is that they are easily recognizable as the bad guys. Shoot these guys.

if you want accurate portrayal, watch a documentary (of which there are thousands), read a book etc. Do not look to Videogames as a medium to push these types of things.

agent45322356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

So videogames should remain stagnant and just entertainment fodder. Videogames is the perfect medium for the atrocities of World War 2 because is interactive. Movies and books are a passive experience which may see and read about the atrocities of World War 2 or rape but it doesn't really connect. A VR game or regular game allows to interact in that time period better than a book or movie allowing the player to connect for in VR is experiencing as if he/she were there or in regular form they are able to i.interact in that world. It allows games to move forward.
Are you not sick and tired of Call of Duty shooter games and the same old franchises. Is time to grow up and give games a chance to explore the ugliness of human beings. Is time to play a holocaust game or a game of a Nazi that does experiments on Jewish people. Time to play games about ISIS or a game about rape. I don't mind mindless games but I also want more adult oriented games.

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Do You Think Multiplayer Shooters Should Still Have Single-Player Campaigns?

Black Ops 4 had no campaign. Battlefield 5's was very slight. Is the age of the shooter with both a campaign and multiplayer waning?

Gazondaily2049d ago

Not necessarily. If it takes away from the quality of the MP then leave that shit out. Same principle applies to MP in SP games.

InTheZoneAC2049d ago

the quality of the MP for both BF5 and CoD BO4 remained the same or got worse. Or are you going to act like removing a component somehow makes another instantly better?

sinspirit2049d ago

There is not much to be done for MP shooters. The formula is constantly redone. It takes very little effort to reskin weapons and abilities/perks, and add new maps. It can be done within a few months. But, they lengthen the release schedule to prevent saturating the market. Especially, in CoD's case.

UCForce2049d ago

You are twisting the SP games narrative. And yes, FPS still need Single players mode.

NarutoFox2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

Then they should change the price. A multiplayer only game should be like $30 bucks. $60 bucks is ridiculous for a multiplayer game

gangsta_red2049d ago


Well then SP games should also only be $30, paying 60 for a SP only game is even more ridiculous.

NarutoFox2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )


I rather pay $60 for a great single player game than a multiplayer game that requires internet, Microtransactions, lootboxes, and a paid subscription to play it. So basically you're paying more than $60 anyway for a multiplayer only game. Now that's ridiculous. A good example is EA

gangsta_red2049d ago


SP games also have DLC and microtransactions.

No one is forcing gamers to pay for those extras, so I disagree that you're paying more than $60 for a MP game.

Gazondaily2049d ago (Edited 2049d ago )

"Or are you going to act like removing a component somehow makes another instantly better?"

Allowing devs to spend more time on one game mode doesn't allow them a better chance to ensure quality?

Right in that case, all SP games should have MP...right?

mkis0072049d ago


I would emphatically say multiplayer is easy to develop with little risk. You make it once and then reskin it every year. Single player requires you to build a new game every time.

gangsta_red2049d ago


"I would emphatically say multiplayer is easy to develop with little risk"

Tell that to the developers of Evolve or the guys who made Titanfall 2, how about Lawbreakers or Drawn to Death? I'm sure they would disagree with the little risk statement especially since a couple of those studios even shut down because their MP game failed.

There's a risk in every IP new or old when released to the public. Pretty sure the risk is the same for MP especially when trying to chase juggernauts like Fortnite or CoD.

blawren42049d ago

Not sure why you are getting so many disagrees. you clearly state a what if scenario. if it in fact takes away from the MP, I agree it could be an issue, but is is there any documented evidence either MP or SP suffering as a result of focus on the other?

I could see something like GTA suffering because of GTA online, but that would be difficult to prove.

What we are seeing is free to play seeping into our games and causing some disruption. Similar to Arcade games designed to efficiently suck your quarters back in the day, vs console games now that are much more substantial...at least until free to play.

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NecrumOddBoy2049d ago

I think Call of Duty has room for both a campaign story and what they did with this new multiplayer only game. I do think they shouldn't have called it Black Ops 4 though. I know they wanted to associate it but if they're going to make a multiplayer only game I think a better name then a numbered title would have been more appropriate.

Shadowsteal2049d ago

Agreed. At least Black Ops Royale or something.