Ms Xbox World Saints Row 2 Review

When the original Saints Row released in 2006 it was met with plenty of praise and yet garnered a fair number of criticisms as well. Gamers instantly likened it to Rockstar's GTA: San Andreas, as both games offered an open world environment to jump in and out of and have some gangster boogie fun and games.more after the jump.

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outlawlife5763d ago

i have a ahrd time accepting this score from what i've seen of the game

i'll have to play it myself but i don't see it being this great, people hand out high numbers way too easy these days


Xbox Series X Sales Are Trailing Both Xbox One And 360

Meanwhile, the PS5's sales are leading the PS4's in the same amount of time.

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Vits2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

That would be the Xbox Series sales as a whole, not just the Series X. If we consider the latter in isolation, based on those leaked documents, it should be trailing behind the Dreamcast, Wii U, and PS Vita, let alone the much more successful Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

And it's also what the original source claims: "Xbox Series trails Xbox One by 13% and remains slightly behind Xbox 360". So I would suggest for the article to be corrected.

Rude-ro1d 11h ago

How is it slightly behind the 360 when the Xbox one never passed the 360 at all?

Plague-Doctor271d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

Its launch aligned. The 360 had pretty decent sales numbers at the end of its lifespan due to Kinect which is where the One really trailed off as it had no legs. That late gen success is partly why they went so hard on the Kinect at the Xbox One reveal

Vits1d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

It's a curve of sales over time. Currently, within the same timeframe, Xbox Series sales are slightly behind Xbox 360 sales, whereas Xbox One sales were actually slightly ahead of Xbox 360 sales within the same timeframe.

Here a example: https://www.vgchartz.com/ar...

It's a bit concerning that people don't seem to understand this.

S2Killinit1d 9h ago (Edited 1d 9h ago )

Its crazy that xbox is less and less relevant with every generation.

got_dam1d 6h ago

It really is too bad. Competition is important. Nintendo is not really Competition. Sega is out of the console business. The OG xbox was fucking awesome. 360 too. It's too damn bad MS can't stay out of their own fucking way.

Vits1d 4h ago

It's sort of impressive how they manage to pull it off. This generation seems to be the worst for Sony in terms of output, with fewer games being developed and released than in any previous console generation. It should have been the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to gain market share through partnerships and game development with their numerous studios. Instead, they have somehow managed to perform even worse.

At this point, one has to wonder if they are intentionally trying to fail.

S2Killinit1d 3h ago

I think the slow down in game developments has been across the board, not just for Sony. I think the console shortages put a hiccup in development. But it also doesnt help that MS never developed its own studios.

jznrpg1d 2h ago

It seemed probable with all the crappy moves and wait for E3’s.

Profchaos1d 1h ago

It's no surprise PlayStation is the market leader you can't just do what they do and expect success it's why Nintendo is still relevant and has put out the 2nd best selling console of all time with the switch.

There's no longer anything unique about Xbox gamepass there's barely any unique software and the identity they spent two generations fostering was killed off in one foul swoop and never recovered

Hotpot1d ago

MS is a service provider trying to get into game industry, while PS and Nintendo are game companies trying to grow their size. The principal behind those two are different and it was apparent in their strategies over the years.

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raWfodog1d 6h ago

Not good at all but expected since Xbox is not actively pushing their console sales anymore in favor of more ‘game anywhere’ GP subscriptions. I wonder if this will affect future plans for the next console. I can’t imagine them pumping a bunch of R&D into it if they not gonna be marketing and actively trying to push sales.

shinoff21831d 4h ago

That's fairly recent though. They haven't pushed just that this whole gen.

derek1d ago (Edited 1d ago )

Xbox has no say in this whether they are pushing the console or not. They were on the downward trend in the xbox1 gen, this is a continuation.

Rude-ro12h ago

They have never put a lot of cash in console r&d.
It is and always has been basic computer parts.

Microsoft is not a manufacturing company…
Nor are they game developing company.

They are a marketing company with global monopoly on an os system.

Eventually reality catches up.
Their gamepass had no chance when they go more than a decade not making any new and innovative ips.
This is why they are absorbing game developers…
But by doing so, they also spend all of their financial gains.
Ie you either make games to make money, or you spend your money absorbing companies with ips and leaving nothing left to put into future game development.

Developers were not biting to put their games on a subscription service for Microsoft.
Microsoft had nothing of their own to put in their gamepass.
Now they have no money to put into anything at all.

Microsoft’s only blessing this gen is that the pandemic hit everyone so hard, Sony has been forced to cut budgets as well and thus been rather quiet with amazing AAA exclusives compared to previous generations.
Once Sony is back in full swing…
Microsoft will only have their gamepass library of old games to brag about because THE only way to make CoD attractive through a subscription is to offer access to ALL content, seasons and micro transactions, at no extra cost to the gamer.
Of which would not happen.

DivineHand1251d 11h ago

All of this is self-inflicted damage from Microsoft and Xbox. Contrary to what many fanboys believe, gamepass doesn't harm the industry or create a culture of people not wanting to buy games.

People will buy games if they believe it is worth it or if another game is not already occupying their time. The most popular games on Xbox are live service games and a service like gamepass will have no value to those people.

shinoff21831d 10h ago


Gamepass absolutely does. Ms themselves owned up to this during the court proceedings. Some developers won't even make games for Xbox. Now do to this. People most certainly stopped buying games, and only play what's on gamepass. I know a few of them. Hell im one of them, but that more becasue ms trying to kill physical, i wont support that by buying games. At some point itll just be dev mode for me. Deny it all you want but it's a real thing, people stop buying games, especially compared to the others.

DivineHand1251d 9h ago

It's understandable that people won't buy their exclusive games because it is on game pass but what about the games that are not on gamepass?
Has game pass stopped you from buying games on other platforms?

shinoff21831d 4h ago


I buy Hella games. Just not on Xbox. Ms is single handily trying to kill physical media. My preferred method of gaming. Look no further then sales. Almost all of Xbox sales are digital, to the point they didn't even release hellblade physically.

You can play the card all you want but you know full well we are talking about Xbox only gamers not buying games anymore due to games. Keep trying.

Einhander19721d 10h ago

1 Hogwarts Legacy Switch 41%, PS5 26%, PS4 24%, Xbox 5%

DivineHand1251d 9h ago

That breakdown is flawed. Does it account for digital games sales and at least one person must of bought the game on PC?

The majority of series consoles being sold are the digital only variant so it is understandable the numbers will be skewed that way.

purple1011d 9h ago

Post the others
Mortal kombat and FC24

There was a bloodbath

stonecold31d 4h ago

hogwarts legacy sold more on ps5 ps4 switch xbox..

Plague-Doctor271d 8h ago


Xbox gamers compared to PS5/Switch are significantly less likely to buy games. Xbox is a gamepass machine and xbox gamers are gamepass gamers. If you're game isn't f2p or on gamepass then xbox players will ignore it

DivineHand1251d 5h ago

That statement is true because the Xbox has a significantly lower market share compared to the other 2 platforms. I don't take that statement about developers being asked their opinion on Xbox seriously because apart from small indie devs, I doubt the average developer is aware of the revenue and sales coming in everytime something is sold similar to how the average worker in a company has no idea how much revenue is coming in and how it is being spent.

I don't mean to insult the person who posed that question to developers but it can be seen as sloppy journalism as the answer they are looking for will not be accurate or asked to support a certain narrative. If I wanted to find out the answer to that question, I would ask an executive from a publisher who has access to the financials and who is sitting in boardroom meetings that can help us feel the sentiment around that topic.

shinoff21831d 4h ago (Edited 1d 4h ago )

Xbox. Players weren't buying games when the marketshare between the two were pretty close due to shortages either. They haven't been buying games since gamepass. Ffs it isn't hard to understand. Stop trying to dance around it. Look that sh head on

DivineHand1257h ago

@shinoff2183 "Xbox. Players weren't buying games when the marketshare between the two were pretty close due to shortages either."

When the current Gen started, Xbox and PlayStation were never close, 99% of games were cross gen and it was PS4 and PS5 vs Xbox one and Xbox Series X/S. Playstation had a significant market share and I also didn't try to make any reference to that time people because all 3 console makers were making record profits during that time frame. Don't forget the charts Microsoft presented in the acquisition trials to support their case. It was a good time for them all around and not a true representation of what is happening now with Xbox seeing a significant decline in console sales.

The Wood1d 6h ago

Bro. Full Stop