Monster Hunter World should have done a better job justifying its monster hunting

There's an unavoidable feeling of guilt involved in Monster Hunter World's monster hunting. A feeling that niggles away during every lengthy pursuit and each thrilling victory. A small sense that slaughtering these bizarre and beautiful creatures is wrong.

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Chaosdreams1459d ago

"It will be difficult for most players to not feel at least some level of empathy for these creatures, because they're that well realised."

I feel no empathy towards the fictional creatures in a video game. I suppose I've mastered the art of not being like "most players." Note: In real life, I do dislike needless slaughter/hunting/killing.

While I see where you're trying to come from with your overall point in your written piece, ultimately you're letting something minor play a larger roll inside your head. You mention that "If a Great Jargas had actually eaten someone or a Kulu-Ya-Ku had stolen supplies that at least would be a reason, if not a convincing one." While true, that does not rule out the need to act first. Humans have entered a New World, figuratively speaking, if humans want to remain near the top of the food chain, they need to weed out the more aggressive monsters/species in order to learn/adapt and ultimately thrive.

Now, if you are feeling bad about slaughtering the herbivores that aren't doing anything but minding their own business, *pat on the back* just don't kill them. The opening segment of the game is about protecting the base of operations. It's not much of a leap to assume that if we the hunters don't hunt, then the scholars, leaders and support will end up as pray.

They'll be adding free updates/monsters down the line anyways. So maybe they'll have a character get eaten - for that added emersion.

bangoskank1459d ago

Yes, but were's the motivation behind hunting something, even in a game, that is of no threat to you. I loved Shadow of the Colossus but when I found out what I'd been doing by the end, I kind of felt shitty about it. At least in something like Dark Souls or Bloodborne there is a story that backs up slaughtering demons/beasts.

NecrumOddBoy1458d ago

The only thing that I would have really liked is a little bit more of a streamlined tutorial. As a guy who is new to Monster Hunter, MH:World does not hold your hand whatsoever and throws you right into one of the most complex and deep systems on a console game. This really reminds me a little bit of Phantasy Star Online which helps me make sense. But, after about 10 hours, and really only completing the tutorial and making it up through Hunter Rank 3, I have started to get the hang of combat and how the game works. This is probably one of the coolest games ever and I really feel like I missed out playing the old Monster Hunters. I'm really glad this came to PS4. I expect to put at least a hundred plus hours into this game.

AspiringProGenji1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

Dark Soul’s motivation are even more fked up than this. Gwyn linked the fire (the first sin) to humanity and now eveyone is in a endless cycle of death. You can’t even die in peace in that world, you become a hollow instead.

Whatever you hunt outside of the main missions, which are about hunting the big threatening monsters, is your desicion. We are in a new world trying to expand, so we have to fight for that space. This is pretty much when colonists came to the new world and shit happened with the indians. It is only a matter of time until outsiders have to fight the unfriendly ones for their space.

Your motivation in this world is SURVIVE! monsters, erder dragons, and humans have been coexisting and fighting since the dawn of times

KillBill1458d ago

"At least in something like Dark Souls or Bloodborne there is a story that backs up slaughtering demons/beasts." I have to assume you never finished Dark Souls then or just didn't bother to follow the lore? Because you quickly realize there is no definitive right and wrong in Dark Souls.

dreue1458d ago

In monsyer hunter thry are not demons or beasts.... To ve honesty i dont kill the chills ones, just thr onrd thst attack me as well

CorndogBurglar1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

How did I know that this was going to come up? Jesus.

In the game, you are settling a new area. There are violent monsters there that will kill you if you don't kill them.

What motivation are you looking for? Have you actually played the game? When you are out in the world what happens when one of these monsters sees you? They attack you and try to kill you. These aren't like animals in real life, where if a bear in the woods sees you it might not attack you. These monsters WILL attack you if they see you. 100% of the time. Sounds like perfectly fine motivation to me.

In previous games you may not have been settling a new land. But the characters in those games are also sharing land with the same kind of monsters. Ones that will kill you at first glance. That should be all the motivation in the world.

This is like that stupid argument that Pokemon is cruel because you are capturing animals and training them to fight each other.....

CorndogBurglar1458d ago

I'm still struggling with this crazy statement. How on earth can you say we are hunting something that is no threat to you? They viciously attack you as soon as they see you lol.

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EddieNX 1459d ago

I feel absolutely no guillt what so ever lol. It's a damn game, and an absolutely incredible one.

Real animals being made extinct, that's tragic but this is a game lol

_-EDMIX-_1458d ago


Monster hunter is a game that is pretty much driven by its core gameplay elements, its narrative is really not that important in regards to the fun Factor.

That would be like trying to understand why Mario is really jumping down pipes in order to understand the game. Monster Hunter just doesn't strike me as a game that is driven by its narrative.

If someone's playing Monster Hunter for some story or narrative , I'm sorry but they're doing it wrong lol

SuperSonic911459d ago

This article writer should play Shadow of the Colossus and be guilt ridden a lot.

Sam Fisher1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

You guys want to make an article about empathy on killing monsters? How about pokemon, that slavery at its finest, i dont see nobody talk sh!+ to them

joab7771458d ago

There is no needed justification. This game does such a marvelous job of creating this fantastical world that draws you in completely. Now, imagine you landed in a new world and began stretching beyond your borders, maybe to research some rare animal. Anyway, if you are surrounded by vicious animals, you do what you have to to survive.

slappy5081458d ago

I do get that people's immersion in video games differ, but here's why i find this article funny. Firstly, the author is not forced to play it, and secondly the clue is in the name "Monster Hunter". I mean this is my first time playing the franchise and I had a pretty good idea of what I was getting into due to it's longstanding reputation.

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itBourne1459d ago

From the same site that called Colin Moriarty's dad joke racist?

"There is an unavoidable feeling of guilt"... no no, its easily avoidable, stop being a little bitch about every little thing...

InKnight7s1458d ago

He shouldn't hear about Freeza, a guy keeps destroying planets just because he hate monkeys.

Ikenda1459d ago

What? This is a video game dude... Is your next article gonna be about the rights of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Did you also wrote a similar article for Ark: Survival Evolved? I would love to read it and laugh with that too...

ChristopherJack1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I'd like to discuss the rights of cloned animals. Sounds like an interesting topic.

How do you feel about the cloned dogs coming from Asia? How about genetic modification?

Personally, I think of them as artificial identical twins.

Ikenda1458d ago

I counted middle earth sheeps yesterday to sleep. Make them jump a fence. The discussion here is for imaginary monsters. You can discuss real animal rights in a animal right topic. This a video game related topic about people writing utterly stupid clickbait articles about Monster Hunter to get clicks.

ChristopherJack1456d ago

Nothing wrong with hypotheticals. In fact Jurassic World 2's premise is about the rights of the dinosaurs.

If you don't want to discuss it, guess what- you can choose not to discuss it!

Ikenda1456d ago

Yeah the rights of imaginery cloned dinosaurs. You want to discuss rights? Discuss the rights of animals in the real world that it matters. In fiction the only thing you can accomplish is look stupid. Can you convince people not to eat dinosaur meat? No because nobody does. Can convince people not to eat cow meat? Yes you can. I convince people all the time I'm a vegetarian. But i don't do it discussing about 3d models of made-up monsters in a video game. That would be stupid...

PapaBop1459d ago

As someone who is new to the series, I don't think it does.. the game has a fairly whacky tone anyway which blends so perfectly with it's difficult gameplay.

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