Washington State Senator Introduces Bill for Loot Box Regulation

As the debate surrounding loot boxes as a form of gambling continues, a new bill proposed in Washington looks to force the game industry to regulate.

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strayanalog264d ago

"If it were determined loot boxes are gambling, it'd be illegal for a child to purchase a game, even if they are 17." - ESRB shake-up or not, this could only be good. This may keep developers from abusing the mechanic or better yet make them drop it completely.

Besides, the ESRB needs an update because the industry has changed a lot in thirteen years.‎

UKmilitia264d ago

damn right its gambling .
if you buy anything on this earth thats in a box (virtual or not) that you cannot see that has a monitary value then you are gambling,look at the kids with fifa points !!!!!!
its gambling and nothing less

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Codedan264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Loot boxes have to be purchased to make it gambling, and therefore require a credit card if digital which requires you to be older than 18. Why are senators wasting time doing this here in WA when they can’t even find public education? Regulations like this are deemed popular, but people have no clue about the after effects it creates for gamers that are drastically more negative.

PsBoxGamer264d ago

The problem is you can buy them using debit cards with these days anyone can get there hands in them.Even gift cards.I gave my son a gift card for his Bday to shop online and he is a minor. There has to be more rules to this howl loot box thing.

Codedan264d ago

@Ps That is true. I doubt this bill will pass since WA state never gets anything done. If it was passed it could make every game 18+ which could end up being terrible for gamers, or the publishers would take it out. The issue here is that when you make a law it has many unintended consequences, and that means it could hurt the gaming industry in the long run. This includes lower wages, and less jobs for game development positions.

roadkillers264d ago

In some states, gambling is illegal until 21..

camel_toad264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I like how you have 0 disagrees. Extremely uncommon on N4G, but not on this issue.

Oops I hope I didn't jinx it.

ElementX264d ago

The ESRB was created in part to keep government out of video games. They wanted to self-regulate.

UCForce263d ago

The ESRB keep defending loot boxes and micro transactions. So they need to change their ratings system or government will do it for them. Their choices.

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AnubisG264d ago

This is good news for sure. Unfortunately rampant, boundless greed by publishers has caused this. The ESRB should be held accountable here as well as they should have seen this issue already and created a rating to accomodate this. With a huge stamp of CONTAINS GAMBLING with MONEY. And the rating should be AO for games containing microtransactions like SWBFII. That will limit the places it could be sold which will limit the ravenue of this type of game which in turn stop MT's in it's tracks. But again, MT's of all kinds need to be removed as cosmetics only MTs can and have been prooven to destroy games.

Pooker100264d ago

The bigger problem is that we ATE their bullshit.

UCForce264d ago

But do we have a choice ? When major gaming publishers push too far with their BS practice to consumers. We only left one choice.

JackBNimble263d ago

Now it's time to eat your government's bullshit. Hopefully they will stop at loot box's, because once the government starts regulating video gaming, who knows where it will end. Just ask Australian gamers.

OffRoadKing264d ago

Oh look the governments getting involved this will fix everything. I'll remind you this is the same government thats shut down because they cant agree on anything, its also the same government that if supposedly is so concerned for the children hasn't passed one meaningful law to protect children getting bullied in schools.

justsomeoffdude264d ago

lol, you think they're going to be thinking about children when they address this bill? They're gonna be thinking of all the money they can make from the publishers via the new regulation.

Eonjay264d ago

Gambling is already regulated. This is nothing new. The goal isn't to make money but to force developers to comply with the law.

OffRoadKing264d ago

No I never thought they be thinking of the children at all, that's the excuse, I'm sure you're right.

fenome264d ago

Is doesn't matter about the law, it's more about "Can we tax them for this?". Yes, yes they can. I think it's good if they start looking into how much they make on this crap and start digging into their pockets just like they've done to ours.

These publishers have long arms and they'll reach down to the lint at the bottom of our wallet, it'll do them some good to have someone doing it back at them.

Tankbusta40264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

This is a Washington State senator proposing a bill in his state, it has nothing to do with the federal govt or a shut down.

Off road king: it still has nothing to do with your reference to the shut down or the federal govt. Also state govt is not local govt... You need to take a civics class again

OffRoadKing264d ago

Local government is still government.

RememberThe357264d ago

This is the Washington State Senate an all together different kind of dysfunction. But you should probably pull away from the news, they tell a ridiculously narrow story. Our government functions highly in many areas and still is a fair representation of the public. The problems in politics (mostly separate from the actual functions of government) are problems among the people and until we look at our issues honestly we'll keep having these hang ups.

Children getting bullied need to buck up. "Bully's get bricks" as my godmother would put it. Kids need struggle, its the only way they can see how much they can really take. And frankly parents need to instill some grit in their kids, let them know they are worth defending. I got served a few times before I figured out that I could take whatever they give and serve it right back.

OffRoadKing264d ago

"Our government functions highly in many areas and still is a fair representation of the public."

"Children getting bullied need to buck up."

Wow, I just cant. smh

RememberThe357264d ago

Oh does reality not match your story? Stick your head in the sand some more. Until convinced otherwise I content that personal accountability is our biggest problem as a society. It's hard for any criticism of a system to land when the people within the system are not held to account. The problem is not the system, it's the people within it. We've grown disinterested and self destructive, hence, our national political climate.

And explain to me how to breed strength in humans without struggle. I'll wait.

OffRoadKing264d ago

"Story"? Children being bullied is a story to you? what a shame. Just FYI the system is in place to represent the people and its a terrible system and it its priorities are mixed up. You clearly have some strong opinions on the matter, I disagree with them entirely, but I'm not here to argue with you, so you'll just have to keep waiting. Good day.

morganfell264d ago

"The government that governs best is the government that governs least."

There are some matters that need national attention but most of them should be solved as locally as possible. This isn't one of those situations but most issues should be handled as close to home as is feasible. Governments are too large, too intrusive, too megalomaniacal, too greedy as it is.

Quite often, lawmakers and people equate movement with action. Often there is already a law on the books to handle matters. It simply requires enforcing. Then again, that doesn't generate the appearance of governing which to a scab only concerned about re-election, matters far more than actually doing something.

Prince_TFK264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

They can do more than two or three things at once, can’t they? Its not like they ignored all those problems and just concentrate all of their efforts on lootboxes.

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blacktiger264d ago

This bill will not pass for obvious reason

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