The Order 1886: Did the $60 Price Tag Kill It? Will a Sequel Happen?

"The Order: 1886 was a huge let down for a lot of PlayStation gamers — like many games, it didn’t quite live up to the hype. The game also released at a time when PlayStation exclusives weren’t nearly as dominant as they are now. It received a ton of criticisms due to its length — the game could be completed in around five hours. The Order was obviously meant to be a series, the last cutscene ends on a cliffhanger. Sadly, we’ll probably never know the events that were supposed to transpire. I rather enjoyed The Order: 1886 — What exactly did I like about the title? I rarely do this, but I’ll list out the good the game had to offer." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Hardiman264d ago

I liked it but if it'd been priced say $29.99 or so it would've fared better! That or they should've took more time and lengthened it. It's a shame because the world and lore was ripe for a franchise!

Sciurus_vulgaris264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

The Order 1886 had far too high of a budget to be priced at $29.99. The majority of games that are priced at $60, cost as much as they do because of production budgets.

JaguarEvolved264d ago

I played this game and liked It a lot. I liked everything about and hope there will be a sequel with multiplayer.

OB1Biker264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

I really liked it but the story felt like the first part of an episodic game to me. I would have liked that. Im sure the follow up would have been way cheaper to produce. Maybe they should have gone for that sort of sales bundle.
Im usually not into episodic games but the lore was interesting to explore further here

Hardiman264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

Touche', then maybe if it'd had more length I don't know! I'm not one to complain about game length or price too much as a good games a good game but surly it would've gotten over better with consumers and it would've sold more at a lower price point and recouped more of the budget. Then maybe we'd be talking about the upcoming sequel. I just really liked the setup and would love to see it continued!

SpineSaw263d ago

Hold on now......."The Order was a new franchise that was a failure" .....really? The Order 1886 sold around
2 million copies, 2 million copies for any new IP that a 1 platform exclusive is in no way a "failure". Sure the game had some issues but for the most part the people that actually played the game enjoyed it. Myself I loved the story and would like to see a sequel.

edeprez263d ago

It may have sold way more units and possibly made more money at a lower price. Its all speculation though, The reviews would have still been similar, but less harsh on the length. I guess we'll never know.

syphon32263d ago

I was gonna say the same thing, wasn't this games production budget extremely high... Story was good..I had some gripes with weak A.I.,, lackluster combat, and it was extremely linear to be so beautiful...wanted to explore a little bit...hope they do apart two... This game could've been a great action/survival horror game...oh well

UltraNova263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

In a post-Hellblade era a game with the amount of content similar to the Order 1886 should never exceed 30-40 dollars.

Was the game good ? Hell yes. Was it short? yeah it was. Did it have any replayability? No! Was the combat good? It was ok and at times great but it could be significantly expanded.

In the end the game sold good and it left PlayStation gamers wanting more, we wanted a sequel. Sony should go ahead and make a sequel without a doubt, but with the following improvements:

1) Deeper and less tanky combat mechanics
2) COLLECTIBLES and secrets
3) Interactive environmental objects: give them purpose.
4) More great guns like the 1st
5) Actually boss fights, no QTEs.
6) Decision making that leads to different endings.
7) More Tesla!

Thats my 2cents.

bouzebbal263d ago

I would buy a sequel day one. Love the first one, the sequel can only improve

S2Killinit263d ago

this game was under attack for whole year prior to its release. I had never seen such a campaign against ANY game in all the years I've gamed. The critic was reaching unreasonable levels even before the game came out. Was it short? yeah. Was it 5 hours? yeah if a pro speed runner played it. Was the length outside the norm for a new franchise 3rd person shooter? Not really. The original Gears for example was "7 hours long" and that wasn't a speed run, it was the official length.

then they said the Order didn't "innovate" enough, which was funny because (1) that requirement wasn't/isn't something we ask of any game and (2) the Order actually did try to innovate (as opposed to most games that don't).

then they said the Order had too many QTEs. Another interesting criticism because it didn't seem like a QTE game, and the shooting arenas were some of the best shootouts I've played to date.

Personally, I loved the story, the music, the atmosphere, and the genre. I didn't like that it was only good for one run through, but I would have loved a sequel, and I felt the character assassination of this game was ODD! Really ODD...

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Araragifeels 264d ago

I don't think that it would even have a sequel since PlayStation cut ties with ReadyAtDawn which they were 2nd Party for 3 Gen.

Kingthrash360264d ago (Edited 264d ago )

True...but Sony owns the property.
MS cut ties with bungie, epic, and lionshead...we still get halo, gears and fable is rumored. If MS can do it, so can sony.

Araragifeels 263d ago

@Kingthrash360 The difference is that Halo is a very successful franchise with many sequel, spin off which and is the Mascot of Xbox brand. Meanwhile The Order is a new franchise that was a failure for being too short, miss story and had $60 price tag which
probably or probably not broke even in sale . Yeah it deserved another sequel but I believe PlayStation would rather spend the money on making a new game or get third party games exclusively. Plus which PlayStation studio or third party studio, PlayStation going to out in charge of handling the sequel. Sony Bend probably can do it but they are to busy with their new IP and Insomniac can do it too but they are too busy working on Spider-Man, Ratchet & Clank, New IP and more.

Hardiman263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

Sony is known to come back to properties though! I could see them continuing this series down the road. They take chances more than anyone.

_-EDMIX-_263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

I'm not sure what you're talking about but Sony owns the intellectual property ,so the original team returning is irrelevant , also consider Sony Santa Monica also worked on the game as well.

And the success of the series is actually not relevant to the point that King is making ,at the end of the day Sony owns the property so they're definitely is still a chance of a new release.

Trust me it would not be the first time a game had a troubled start but it went on to release multiple entries that were more successful. So Sony doesn't really care that the order 1886 wasn't as successful as they might have wanted that's actually not really going to stop them from getting another team to correct what ready at dawn was unable to achieve.

I mean dear God look at god of war and Sony's going to fully allow development team to completely rethink a very very established property I have no doubt that they could Rebrand the order or redo a sequel to be much more than what the original was.

I mean you're not really talking about something that is infinitely impossible...

This is a publisher that had a game in development for over 10 years and still released it...

Medieval has a release coming out and look at how long we have not seen a game in that series....

Sooooo nothing is Ironclad and I've seen nothing to really confirm that were suddenly never ever in 100 years ever going to get a sequel in the order 1886.

Araragifeels 263d ago

@_-EDMIX-_ Yeah Santa Monica can make the sequel but I don't want a Knack 2 situation. I can say that Knack 2 sold worst than the first one. I haven't even hear PlayStation talk about Knack 2 so I can consider that it sold really bad even though it was better than the first game. I know Santa Monica can do amazing game. They haven't made a game on their own before since they were just collaborating in developing with other company. They help make Starhawk but didn't meet sales which PlayStation haven't talk about the franchise or making another sequel. Also The team had issue making a shooter in the past which was the cancelled project (Destiny like game). Yeah, many game stay in development for over 10 years but that a huge risk and PlayStation won't do that again since they lost a lot of money on TLG even though it sold good enough.

sampsonon263d ago

if there is enough interest both would come to an agreement I'm sure

sampsonon263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

@Araragifeels: "The difference is that Halo is a very successful franchise with many sequel, spin off which and is the Mascot of Xbox brand. Meanwhile The Order is a new franchise that was a failure for being too short, miss story and had $60 price tag which"

i would say 1.84 million units sold is a success for a new ip, wouldn't you say?
no, the reason they aren't making a sequel is because of the unwarranted hate it received.

the reason i know this is because after the dust settled and people didn't have others in their ear saying hate it, people actually like it.

i want the sequel and if everyone tweets sony they will make another one. and I'm sure they will listen to any legit complaints people had with the game.

ocelot07263d ago

If knack can get a sequel then am sure Sony can find another developer to make a sequel for the order. I picked it up really cheap and enjoyed it. Sure it was short and if I did pay £40 for it I would of been a little annoyed. But they can improve on it with a sequel and maybe even add in some multiplayer.

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Vandamme13263d ago

I honestly like the game..I hope they make a sequel to it.

Scholla262d ago

I concur...An Ablsolute classic! I don't care what nobody say as a matter fact I'm going to play it right now!

babadivad263d ago

Agreed, should've gone the "Hell Blade" route.

Obscure_Observer263d ago


"It's a shame because the world and lore was ripe for a franchise!"

Yes. Such potential. Would love to see what happens next between Grayson (Rebellion) and Lafayette (Senior Knight) friendship.

Since Naughty Dog is done with the Uncharted franchise, i think they would be the perfect team to take over The Order franchise.

Hardiman263d ago

I never thought about Naughty Dog but they could really flesh this thing out and deliver something special!!

sampsonon263d ago

"I liked it but if it'd been priced say $29.99 or so it would've fared better! "
Either you like something or you don't.

how many games have come out since that are 8 -10 hrs long that never got scrutinized the way the order did?
Until Dawn 10 hrs, Ryse son of Rome 8 hrs uncharted the lost legacy 8 hrs,Hellblade 8 hrs, and i could go on.

the order 1886 was $hit on because of the stupid console war and a general trend by gaming sites to hate on the game. cover shooter with long cut scenes, no I'm not talking about uncharted or quantum break lol.

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TheGuitarist264d ago

It either needed to be cheaper or longer. Maybe $40 or make the campaign a couple more hours or add a multiplayer component. How great would a Horde mode have been!

brettnll264d ago

Horde mode would have ruled. Especially if the the werewolf AI was tweaked and made a bit better

KillBill263d ago

Not seeing how Horde mode would work feasibly with the fight mechanics of dealing with the werewolves being quick time oriented?

263d ago
Eidolon263d ago

Co-op horde mode. Story DLC. They could have kept it afloat if it didn't flop. I personally thought it was a good game, the hate really comes because had the best graphics of the time and people wanted to poke some holes by nitpicking everything wrong with it, QT complaint was hugely exaggerated, for one.

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BeardedPriest263d ago

I enjoyed it. But then again I got it for 5.

madforaday263d ago

It is a simple concept that Sony learned the hard way, we want SP games, but we don't want 60 dollar SP only games with only 5 hours of content.

mujosutasa263d ago

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ChickenOfTheCaveMan263d ago

That game got shafted bad. Game "journalists" had a QTE fever and were having none of that. I still say the graphics were awesome, the story was pretty cool, the gameplay really good, but yeah, uneven. The length of the game wasn't that bad. Was it perfect, not at all, I'd say it's a 75-80 game. At the end of the day, that uneven gameplay is what I hated, it felt that some elements were like a real good looking sundae but I was told I could only take a sppon out of it. I really hope they can fix this in a greenlit sequel.

yomfweeee263d ago

You can beat the game in under 5 hours, platinum in less than 8. That is a terrible length for a $60 game you won't replay.

conanlifts263d ago (Edited 263d ago )

I liked almost everything about it except the length. For me the ending should have been the halfway mark. A sequel would be great though as what they made was enjoyable.

spicelicka263d ago

I think the QTE criticism overshadowed some of the good aspects of the game, but it wasn't unwarranted. Games like Uncharted and God of War have always had QTE's, and they're extremely highly rated games. This game really abused QTE's for useless scenarios and it felt excessive specially because of how restricted the gameplay was.

I thought the cutscene direction, voice acting, art style, and the visceral controls were really well done though.

stokedAF263d ago

Yes. It would have been much better received in the 20-30 dollar range.