Nintendo Switch Homebrew running SNES, GBA, GBA, Doom Emulators

Nintendo Switch Homebrew now enables you to play various games from retro consoles including NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA and more can be emulated at full speed. You can also play the classic DOOM on the console without any issues. Check out more info here.

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masterfox358d ago

hmm I remember saying the Switch should cost no more than 150 bucks because of what it really offers(dozens of average games), but with this I can say it should now cost 170 bucks at least, it adds some real value to that thing. :D

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wonderfulmonkeyman356d ago

The fact that you'd agree with that, proves beyond the shadow of any previous doubt that you aren't the Nintendo fan you've always tried to claim you are.
It's worth the current price tag, and you know it.

_-EDMIX-_356d ago

@wonder- everybody has different games they like and different reasons for why they purchase a system.

My reasons for wanting a Nintendo switch just happen to be for a game that's not even been announced yet so it makes more sense for me to just wait as opposed to purchase something that won't even be used.

Sooooo for me personally that threshold is about at $200 or slightly at less.

It might be worth full price to you and that's completely fine but to me personally I'm not willing to pay that price and I'm not entirely sure why you have a problem with that.

Uken12356d ago


I can agree with you on that. But a system shouldn't be based on how much one person wants certain games. By this logic when PS4 first launched it was highly overpriced. The system launched with no games and its first real game was Bloodborne. Same goes for Xb1.

Saying Switch is only worth the price only if it has games is a fair statement. One I would agree with no matter the system. But Switch has had more high quality games release in it's first year than any other system in a long time. About 15 years.

Saying the Switch is worth $200 or less is stupid. It is a normal price for the hardware.
Shit Xb1X should be $200, it doesn't offer any games or exclusives so it should be $200 or less. See how this works?

neutralgamer1992355d ago

Let's be honest Nintendo consoles tend to be more expensive yet way under powered

and the accessories are more expensive compared to other consoles

Switch is way over priced but I know from part Nintendo will never sell consoles at loss

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wonderfulmonkeyman356d ago

Trolling and flame-baiting fans of the console. Shame on you.

Old McGroin356d ago

PS4 AND Xbox fanboys started off by encouraging the success of the Switch as a secondary console to their console of choice but as the Switches popularity has grown at record breaking speed those encouraging comments have turned in to baseless, childish and vomit inducing put downs. It only shows that they see the threat to their consoles dominance is real and how insecure they are about how it's all playing out.

ZombieKiller356d ago

Sorry but you shouldn't have to hack something to add real value to it. It has real value as it is being a Nintendo console and having the games on it that it has. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea with hacking but that statement is not true in any way. The Nintendo switch is f-----g amazing without hacking

Smokingunz356d ago

See all those dislikes u got for making an ignorant opinion? More than your likes. I probably enjoy the switch than your favorite console.

TedCruzsTaint356d ago

As a PC gamer, the Switch offers a lot of value in what it is, but the PS4, and even more so the Xbox One, are almost irrelevant.

NIntendo/PC master race.

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InKnight7s356d ago

I will double check if this does really work, then I am gonna buy this again, now the great value has come don't get me wrong, but playing FFVI, Pokemons, Retro Mario, DB games and couple of other legendry games is another level of enjoyment along with the new titles, I mean this should be an official release by Nintendo games by selling SNES, GC, N64, GBA and even Wii games on the store, that would hardly beats Ps Now and Xbox Game Pass which will give huge boost in sales as never. I know there is licenses issues but there is alot of firsr party game fans would really love to give it try again officially.

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