Monster Hunter: World Released at the Right Time

Ben Eberle, Senior Editor for Gamer Professionals, writes:

"It’s not always easy to get into games with a steep learning curve, especially when they are built around deep systems, knowledge of previous games in the series, and painstaking commitment. A lot of gamers have curiosities about Monster Hunter games, but feel intimidated by their inaccessible nature. I am one of those people. I’ve spent some time with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS, but didn’t last very long. The concept was intriguing enough to pull me towards the game, but my dreams of mastering the game didn’t exactly pan out. Surely all the time I spent with JRPGs, Dark Souls, and Mega Man had taught me all I needed to know about systems, combat, and generally “sticking with a game”. Alas, I was not ready for the hunt."

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killswitch802062d ago

January is the secret month that Publishers mostly ignore with big releases. Some titles have found huge success with just releasing games this month.

zekk2062d ago

We'll beginning of January is not a great time for most people due to Christmas bills and such so it's understandable. Closer to the end of the month like mhw release is probably the earliest you can expect people to have money again


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