Top 8 Games That Need Sequels

Some games are fine as stand-alone titles, but so many leave people hanging (and craving more...more...more)! We need to know what happens next in these eight games, which a sequel would easily remedy.

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Bismarn262d ago

Why is a picture of No Man's Sky attached to this article? No one could possibly want a sequel; it would make more sense to make a sequel to Homefront...oh

theKiller261d ago (Edited 261d ago )

in my opinion, no man's sky sequel will be great if they improve all features of the current game, allow more multiplayer, and give the ability to start civilizations or colonies and make wars or alliances etc. there could be small or huge space battles etc.

this game has potential, but not enough resources have been put into it. I wouldn't be surprised if another company buy them or their game in the future.

imagine something similar to star wars with no man's sky? wherein different planets there are intelligent aliens with civilizations, some friendly and some hostile etc. and the goal of the game is to conquer the universe (to do that u need to form clans or alliances and make empires). such game will easily sell millions and be active online for a decade if not more, as it will take so much time and people to conquer the universe.

this game has so much potential with some adjustments.

261d ago
dolfa262d ago

Where is Half life? Anyway horrible article and website. Would take my time back if i could.

Retroman261d ago

Why do You guys KEEP forgiving Sean Murray ? she-it if you willing to forgive Sean Murray Why not forgive EA microtransaction scams . Hell, Why not allow EA to Continue draining our wallets with Half-ass games.

No Man Sky do not need a Sequel nor SW Battlefront , I'm sure Both will have loot creates .

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