Virtua Fighter 5 Videos

GamersReports have some videos from the recent Virtua Fighter 5 location test in Japan. The videos are some of the best to be released yet.

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Evercade Duke Nukem Collection 2 review - Games Asylum

Games Asylum: "When the humble Evercade launched in 2020 alongside some tired-looking Atari and Namco collections, offering not much we hadn’t seen before, I never expected that just three years later it would host a suite of Duke Nukem games – making the system the best way currently possible to legally sample the beefy brute’s past exploits. While I wouldn’t say the sky is the limit for the plucky Evercade, it has certainly managed to exceed expectations, silencing the naysayers."

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darthv727m ago

Evercade has been a great little under the radar retro platform. Can't wait to see what they have in store for 24.


Numskull Space Invaders Quarter Arcade review - Small but striking

The Numskull Quarter Arcade Space Invaders machine is a lovingly recreated scaled-down version of the original that looks and plays great.

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New Street Fighter 6 Costumes Prices Rack Up More Than the Game, and Fans Are Upset

The new Street Fighter 6 costumes prices are causing an outrage amongst fans due to their high total cost and lack of a bundle option.

autobotdan1d ago

Street Fighter 6 has become Dead or Alive 7

hombreacabado1d ago

anytime they release anything now itll be met with the realization that itll cost you 200 dollars to purchase.

EvertonFC1d ago

All in game purchases for 99% of them take the piss, CoD Nicky Minaj or snoop dog £20 each like wtf and obviously gamers are paying it.

Chocoburger23h ago

Instead of "microtransactions" shouldn't we be referring to them as "megatransactions" at this point?