God of War Artist Denies PS4 Downgrade

After some fans express concern over a visual downgrade for God of War, the principal artist working on the game steps up to refute the claims.

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Majin-vegeta1234d ago

Hmm I would have thought the whole debacle of HZD being downgraded also and then those having to eat crow would have been suffice enough to stop these clowns from running the same crap again🤦

JaguarEvolved1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

The game looks better than everything I see coming out this year so I don't understand how it would be a downgrade. I can understand people probably watching the trailer on a tele that's over 20 years old and thinks it's a downgrade

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morganfell1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

"The game looks better than everything I see coming out this year so I don't understand how it would be a downgrade."

Because the article was written by an imperceptive dullard. Anyone with an ounce of reasoning would understand the roots of the remarks but this writer viewed the cause and effect like a dog that had just been shown a card trick. Let me fix one line in it and you will understand:

"After some fans express concern over a visual downgrade for God of War..."

It should read:

"After some desperate Sony haters started lies saying there was a visual downgrade for God of War..."

TheKingKratos1234d ago

I could care less about the same idiot who claim downgrade for Horizon and uncharted 4 and before them Infamous and the order 1886 and GTS
and was proven wrong on everyone of them
it's seems he target every single playstation exclusive
and he's even more stupid since he thinks the snake scene in the bright day light were kratos offer the head to him is the same scene as the misty scene where kratos meet the snake for the first time and his kid tell him that he want's to help.

ZombieKiller1233d ago

Seriously....or at least pick a better category to troll in. We all have eyes, it's not hard to see the game looks amazing. I love how people troll right through their own stupidity.

FITgamer1233d ago

They said the same about KZ Shadow Fall and Infamous SS too. Had a double helping of crow.

Good-Smurf1233d ago

Or some compressed as hell video trying to pass as a legit comparison video.

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OB1Biker1234d ago

It's like trying to stop a horde of freakers in Days Gone haha

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DarXyde1234d ago

Can't wait to ignore his piece on that downgrade too.

AspiringProGenji1234d ago

“What has changed is just the direction of light and fog, the content is the same as the E3 trailer, but different context, you will understand when you play. The Jormungandr, Kratos and Atreus continue exactly like the trailer are comparing with other scenes and lights. I’m laughing seeing the comments :)”

Pretty much what I said yesterday.

moegooner881234d ago

It also has to do with the crappy site making the comparison videos. For Horizon ZD, they used a low quality footage of the same E3 build, and they tried to pass it off as downgrade. For the GoW one, the Arteus shots were clearly of differing qualities, and some of the others were during completely different scenes.

Relientk771234d ago

Can't wait for the Days Gone, Spider-Man, and Detroit got downgraded articles


Nodoze1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I had played HZD on a 1080 display and was completely blown away. Recently grabbed a 4k display and HDR and fired it up again to work through Frozen jaw dropped. It is the most beautiful game I have ever seen.

I am seriously considering just starting the game over again to get enthralled yet again.

trooper_1234d ago

I don't see how a YouTube video can be used to show a downgrade. The ridiculousness of the ones screaming 'downgrade ' is pathetic at best.

rainslacker1234d ago

It's just people trying to find something wrong to make ps look worse. They don't care about having any actual credibility

Imalwaysright1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

No it isn't. It's people being honest and not being afraid to tell it how it is while not listening to people who believe that we are all idiots or blind. There is a downgrade in overall graphical fidelity in GOW which is something that is at this point an industry wide practice and I would not expect someone from Santa Monica to say that there is a downgrade so this guy can laugh all he wants but lets no pretend that if there is someone that is biased in this conversation its him.

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WickedLester1234d ago

Deny it all he wants but I'm not friggin blind!
There's ENTIRE set pieces that have been removed from the newest build compared to the debut trailer! Just look at the beginning of the video with the stone archway. The original footage had far more texture detail and it had Norse language carved into it. That is completely missing in the new build. Also in that same scene, the original footage had several tall pine trees surrounding the archway. In the newest build those are completely gone! Also look at the end of the video when Kratos lifts up the gate. The difference is huge.

100_SavAGe1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

What the developer probably means by "you will will see once you play" it suggests that that could be either side of that specific ruin since there's multiple ways to take.either way we will have to wait till the final release to really judge anything since Horizon zero dawn looked exactly like it's E3 showings so there's that.

Also the part where he lifts up the gate is totaly a different scene so there's no way you can compare those two scenes

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AspiringProGenji1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

You people always find something to moan about it when it comes to PS exclusive graphics

That video yesterday only took some scenes that were either in different context or condition. For all we know, that fog background will still be there. The serpent was slightly change but still has all the details.Just because they changed some stuff doesn’t mean it is a downgrade. The same graphics fidelity is still there.

You are not blind, but you are just cherrypicking when other parts of the trailers looked very good, if not better than previous trailers. The changes are noticed, but the graphics are still there.

Click here:

Some sites just can’t wait for a release to begin to compare graphics to summon the people like you. The sites that use compressed videos and different scenes even if they are not the same, only to get proven wrong later when the game released. Happened with Horizon, U4, Bloodborne, and Gt sport when it was 50% completed! Happened witn infamous SS as well, games that ended Delivering their graphic target.

** And for the record, Cory did say that the first gameplay setting will likely not be in the last build, so all those missing trees, setpiece, and other stuff missing is not a downgrade. That 2016 demo was just a tease

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nRicosS1234d ago

You wont buy it so dont have to worry, it wont hurt ur eyes

yomfweeee1234d ago

Just because they changed scenery doesn't mean it is a downgrade.

MrVux0001234d ago

I think you don't know what "downgrade" really means.Changing how some areas look does not equal = lowering texture quality/assets.

You may not like the change, but it's an artistic one they thought it was necessary and not because the console could not run it,as it was demonstrated in demo's on PS4.

starchild1234d ago

But "artistic changes" have always been enough for people to scream "downgrade" about other games. I personally think people make too big of a deal about these things, but I also think there needs to be more consistency in the gaming community. You can't just hate on multiplats for artistic changes and then turn around and act like exclusives are exempt from such criticism.

MrVux0001234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

"You can't just hate on multiplats for artistic changes and then turn around and act like exclusives are exempt from such criticism."

Just because fanboys act like that, that doesn't mean all others in the communities need to act like that.
Best to ignore those types of people, and focus on having the best time with upcoming games.

Tho besides Ubisoft downgrades, i can't recall any major "downgrade" in recent times.

"...but I also think there needs to be more consistency in the gaming community"

The consistency is there, just like Yin-Yang, you have the normal fans and toxic fanboys in more-less equal quantity. One cant exist without the other.

In ideal world there would not be those kind of gamers (fanboys), but alas, it is what it is.

trooper_1234d ago

You need to get your eyes checked then because you can see a MASSIVE improvement over the graphics.

SCW19821233d ago

Cory Barlog has let people know that those are two completely different locations.

Alucard_4201233d ago

@wickedlester at least PS never got caught with there pants down to there ankles displaying PS games on a PC at E3 like XBOX has , and changing the layout of things does not mean "downgrade" it is modifications. Now go play RYSE on your X and go play old games while we enjoy new and current games. Cant wait to rip heads off in the new GOW.

generic-user-name1233d ago

"The original footage had far more texture detail and it had Norse language carved into it."

Look closer, the carvings are still there, just harder to see thanks to different lighting and weather conditions.

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ArchangelMike1234d ago

Downgrade or no downgrade, it's still the best looking game on any console.

Movefasta19931234d ago

It used to look better than uc4, it doesn't now.

ArchangelMike1234d ago

Who cares. It's still the best Action Adventure game in the 2018 line up, and will be a metric-ton of fun.

Movefasta19931234d ago

Look it got down graded that’s the topic we are all discussing, nobody is questioning whether it will be good or not. Tw3 got downgraded and it’s one my fav games of all time . Nobody gets a pass

MrVux0001234d ago

"It used to look better than uc4, it doesn't now."

So you played it?

Movefasta19931234d ago

No I haven’t but I have seen it

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Just curious. How are you comparing the game visually in various stages of development? Do you have any links comparing how the game looks during various stages of development? Do you even realized that during early stages of development the game starts out being rendered on PC hardware?

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OpenGL1234d ago

Exactly, I think there are definitely elements of the new trailer that look simplified from before but at the same time it still looks great, and this looks like it's actually in-engine rendering on a PS4.

starchild1234d ago

I don't agree. Based on the trailers I don't think it looks better than Uncharted 4, Uncharted The Lost Legacy or Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm sure it is going to look amazing and I may change my opinion once I play it, but from what I've seen so far it doesn't quite match the best looking games on the platform.

Hardiman1234d ago

Yeah Uncharted 4, HZD, LL, TLOU all looked amazing when released and God of War will be no different! Sony's studios just don't roll like that

UCForce1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn was picked as best looking game of 2016 and 2017 according to NX Gamer. It wasn’t just the graphics. It was also excellent technical aspects. This is where people like Deep-Throat fail to understand.

PrinceOfAnger1234d ago

Digital foundry said "uncharted 4 is the best looking Game on consoles"
That mean there's better looking game's on PC
Battlefront 2 looks better
And Crysis 3 beat it in many aspects

UCForce1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

@TRUE_GAM3R I won’t argue with that. But you should look at NX Gamer YouTube Video Top 10 graphics/technology of 2016 and 2017. And see who number one is. And you aren’t going to like what he said. Digital Foundry said Uncharted 4 and Horizon Zero Dawn were technical masterpieces. I won’t argue about CryEngine 3 which was designed for PC. But I rather Developers to improved their engine. I don’t mind developer to borrow the popular one, but I just prefer developer master their own engine.

Forn1234d ago


Battlefront 2 is sharp no doubt. But it has a soullessness to it's visuals that aren't present in games like Uncharted.

starchild1234d ago

Calling a game a "technical masterpiece" also takes into consideration the platform it's running on.

In any case, NX Gamer and Digital Foundry are just a few guys with their own opinions. They don't have any more knowledge than many of us who don't make videos. Their opinions don't represent some kind of unquestionable objective truth.

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jonnyvito1234d ago

People always find something to moan about. God of War will look great whatever.

hulk_bash19871234d ago

Thank you. At the end of the day Santa Monica Studios hasn't disappointed me yet with any of the GOW games. I've enjoyed playing ever single game, even Ascension. I have complete confidence that it will be the same with this entry. GOW3 was the best looking PS3 game when it came out, I'm not worried about this new game at all.

Brian76554921234d ago

Yes, its beautiful and i actually think it looks better than the first time i saw it.