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"While you wouldn't know it by its title, The Inpatient serves as a VR prequel to 2015's Until Dawn. While your enjoyment of the title isn't fully dependent on having played the original, the backstory and lore built around the game is marginally enhanced if you have. Where Supermassive Games delivered a polished and incredible VR experience with Rush of Blood, which is another title in the Until Dawn series, The Inpatient feels lacking in nearly every aspect of narrative, game design, and function. " Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming

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GamesMaster1982268d ago

Damn this game is getting destroyed in reviews. Well like I said after they announced it, if you alienate half your fans buy making this prequel VR only instead of optional then get ready for the outcome . Game might suck true. But still would of sold shit loads more still for the Until Dawn name alone if VR was optional .