Norman Reedus on Death Stranding: the concept is mind-blowing, ahead of its time

In an interview with Norman Reedus by a podcast of B&H, the actor talked a bit about Death Stranding and working with Hideo Kojima.

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Cyborgg318d ago

Can't wait to play this game!!!!

Unreal01317d ago

Haha. Disagrees = Microsoft fans.

This game is going to be massive.

Cyborgg317d ago

I know right.

Totally agree can't wait! 😊

Markusb33317d ago

System seller and hopefully a franchise for Sony. If not another new game from hideo,either works for me.

Gwynbleidd317d ago

You mean console-warriors! You can be a fan of Microsoft or Sony without trashing the competition. I can prefer Xbox but still I am happy for playstation owners when they get great games. Same thing the other way around.

Septic317d ago

One of my most anticipated games. Can't wait for this

remixx116317d ago

Them disagrees, looks like they dont think your excited enough!

trooper_317d ago

Not really.

He has a history.

Septic317d ago

Lol. The disagrees are actually a way for people to tell me they love me. I feel it 😍

theshredded317d ago

And that's why Mr.Kojima is a true genius. The guy comes up with some of the most creative and innovative stuff and to be able to implement this vision of his takes a lot of passion and dedication. And now that he's under no restrictions, he's going all out with Death Stranding and his sci-fi ideas.

SuperSonic91317d ago

PS4 is light years ahead of everything when it comes to video games.

317d ago
AlphaCentyros317d ago

Yeah, I think we should also give props to Sony for allowing him this much freedom and investing the necessary resources in his team.

1nsomniac317d ago ShowReplies(5)
trooper_317d ago

Extremely talented dev.

He could write up a story about Pop-Tarts and it'll be the best story ever told.

1nsomniac316d ago

Ahhh.... see what I mean?

Best story ever, if you were perhaps a 12 year old girl.

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dreue317d ago

thanks another one that will get downgrade before launch according to a lot of people here.....even the concept will be downgrade probably......

Kratos_Kart2007317d ago

show us on the doll where the PS4 hurt you....

dreue317d ago

actually i said that because of what is happening to god of war,they are saying it is getting downgrade,dont get that...that is the reason i say that....i was being ironic ......dont get me wrong i love ps and sony .....

AspiringProGenji317d ago

GpW isn't getting downgraded but enjoy until getting proven wrong for the 4th time in a row. Sony devs don't ubisoft their games

OffRoadKing317d ago

Well he's not wrong. But I think you might of missed what he was saying, maybe.

Cyborgg317d ago

Actually this game might release on PS4 and PS5

The_Sage317d ago

Hideo is saying 2018. I have no idea. I do remember when they launched the trailer for MGS4 and people were saying that there is no way that the trailer is real time. That it had to be CGI. It could not be a PS3 game... Until it came out.

OffRoadKing317d ago

lol, I dont think you were clear enough that people got what you were driving at.

spicelicka317d ago

I think "Kojima" and "mind blowing" go hand in hand, whether it's through the epicness or the virtual lobotomy the story will give you.

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The story is too old to be commented.