Kingdom Come: Deliverance will not be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, will not have a Season Pass

Warhorse Studios has confirmed that Kingdom Come: Deliverance will not be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, and that it has not planned any Season Pass for it. This is an interesting turn of events as most games rely on Season Passes and on micro-transactions.

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gamejediben601d ago

Then I will wholeheartedly support them! Finally more developers are learning from CD Project Red's example. No more micro-transactions! No more Season Passes! No more loot boxes! No more DRM!

If you respect the customers, gamers will reward you and your game will sell more than EA's latest digital bowel movement.

naji2004601d ago

i wish they add a VR tour mode. the game is beautiful.

nopu601d ago

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lazyboyblue601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

witcher 3 had a season pass.

Mr-Dude601d ago

But a very good one, the way it supposed to be. Just good beefy DLC instead of cut-out missions etc. If they do it again with Cyberpunk I will buy it.

601d ago
lazyboyblue601d ago

@TwistedV Nah both the same and if not, then surely an expansion pass is worse? By your own definition, with the season pass I get expansions and other content but with an expansion pass I just get the expansions?
But, generally speaking, I agree that CD do things from a good place and are a beacon in the games industry for their good practices. I'm just playing devils advocate. Or I may still be a little bitter they aren't still making Witcher 3 DLC. (Its not too late CDR!)

_-EDMIX-_601d ago


The Witcher 3 has a season pass.

Titanfall 2 and Battlefront 2 do not have season passes.

Soooo ok. Also why on Earth would this game even have loot boxes? isn't this a single player RPG? 🤔🤔🤔

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601d ago
chris235601d ago

i don‘t care. i buy or ignore a game judging its fun factor. couldn‘t care less about MT or LT or SP. some people need that because they got no time or there are serious lack of skills. and that‘s ok. if a few who are into MT and the likes can make the publishers happy, all the better.