Meet Sam - Ubisoft's First Personal Gaming Assistant

Today, Ubisoft announced Sam, the company's first personal gaming assistant designed to enhance players' gaming experience.

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strayanalog266d ago

So Siri/Alexa for gamers? I am sure that this could be a perk for someone in the Ubi Club, what with all the connectivity it brings, but I don't like the idea of google in my pocket and a computer telling me why I suck at something. That's what Game Over screens are for.‎

Side note: The guy in the video is a horrible wingman/roommate.‎ He should just ask Sam to move in.

266d ago
GamesMaster1982266d ago

Get rid of this shit Sam and get working on our real Sam Ubisoft. Sam Fisher the one true Sam It's time for a new Splinter cell.

GamesMaster1982265d ago

I see by downvotes someone prefers this Sam over a new Splinter Cell Sam . Shame on you downvoter shame on you . Just when Ubi are getting good again.

Lostbytes266d ago

@Ubisoft About #Sam .... lets just not do this. I do not want/need/desire another poor excuse for a digital assistant. You are just burning resources.

GamesMaster1982265d ago (Edited 265d ago )

Agree. I would prefer they put resources into new or old classic ip’s instead of this virtual assistant crap

CloudStrife900266d ago

Note: I cant seem to edit the post seeing that the video has been delisted. New video here -

Count_Bakula265d ago

No idea why companies keep doing this. Don't give a shit about Siri, Alexa, Bixby, Cortana. Waste of time and manpower, Ubi.

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