Will the inclusion of brand new titles from launch mean the Xbox Game Pass is finally a no-brainer?

Neil writes: "As the Xbox Game Pass heads towards its year long anniversary, things are beginning to change - and very much for the better."

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Septic266d ago

For Xbox fans, no doubt. For the price of buying those new games alone, the pass pays for itself. That's not even accounting for all the other games on the service.

Obscure_Observer266d ago

Essential Service for Xbox fans! :)

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Razzer266d ago

It would be silly for Windows 10 users to not take advantage of this as well. The current offering with Gears 4 and Recore was enough for me to subscribe and that was before the announcement of ALL new MS studio games coming to the service. Now....yeah, no-brainer.

thexmanone266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

But the thing is when they take the game off of game pass and you like the game you will have to buy it. So that same game is going to cost a extra 10 dollars or more, depending how long it is available on game pass.

gangsta_red266d ago

If you really like the game then I believe Game Pass offers that game at a used price. It's the same deal as Gamefly that lets you keep the game but sells it at a discount.

Brian7655492266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Its $10 a month so the risk is very little to begin with and you get a discount on games to buy if you want as well. So far I think they have only ever removed 2 games so it's not a big worry when you can cancel any time and with such a low investment.

If the service is not providing with what you want then cancel. Some people are over-thinking this whole thing even comin g up with ridiculous scenarios like Microsoft will make games only for this and not release them on the Xbox One. They just released the Xbox One X and likely have 35 million and growing Xbox One owners out there total so why would they do that just to promote this? They want more people to be part of Windows/Xbox services, not less.

I get it, many fear the growth of digital taking over but Microsoft just like any profit driven company is just giving consumers what they want. If consumers decide digital is better than physical then that's where the industry goes but that is likely many years away. You can still buy CD and bluray movies. Probably even DVD movies and vinyl is making a comeback. As mentioned, don't like it after then just cancel.

Razzer266d ago

Ok, but if you are only interested in ONE game on the service then it probably isn't worth subscribing. Just buy the game outright if you are planning on playing long term. As gansta_red pointed out, Game Pass also gives you a discount. I'm playing Gears 4, but if I wanted to buy it then I'll get an $8 discount since that game is on Game Pass.

lxeasy266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

I think by the end of 2018 Xbox Game Pass will be a no brainer, its already a great service and its only getting better

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Aenea266d ago

Yeah, of course, if you own an Xbox One, it's kinda becoming 'mandatory' in the sense that one would be foolish not to do it!

gangsta_red266d ago

Definitely a lock for me. For someone that was going to Gamefly State of Decay, purchase Crackdown 3 and maybe skip on Seas, now I can try all three with no worries.

This imo is one of the best benefits of Game Pass, especially if you have friends that subscribe to it too. It's a guarantee that they will have the game and be able to game with you whenever.

MegamanXXX266d ago

I wonder will they add this feature to Windows 10?🤔

XMarkstheSpot266d ago

They will. If the game is XPA like Sea of Thieves, then if you own the Game Pass you can play it on an Xbox or Win 10 if you choose

Razzer266d ago

It is already available on Windows 10 for Play Anywhere games. All new MS games will be Play Anywhere and Game Pass.

SpaceRanger266d ago

Sounds like game pass is a solid path to set MS in gaming for a long time. We could possibly see most, if not all, MS games on other platforms by making this into a service.

Hmm, wonder if next gen will be vastly different for MS hardware wise🤔

MegamanXXX266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

"Hmm, wonder if next gen will be vastly different for MS hardware wise🤔"

Maybe Microsoft will stop making consoles and focus on online services only. Xbox Game Pass will be like gamefly and Netflix. I can't see that happening though because the Xbox fans wouldn't like that.

Obscure_Observer266d ago


Microsoft as any company in this industry doesn´t care how you feel if they´re loosing money! Xbox, Playstation and Nitendo consoles will stick around as long companies are making money out of it.