Link Fanart from Breath of the Wild Shows His Hateno Warrior Side

Link Fanart from Breath of the Wild: Brand new from Eternalegend, Link shows off his warrior side as the "Hateno Warrior" in this piece from the renowned artist. Social Media accounts of the author are in the article.

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guywazeldatatt631d ago

I've been following this artist for a long time and this may be her best piece yet.

nintendoswitchfan631d ago

this is really good. I love Link's deadly look. He looks like he's ready to kill someone. damn.

guywazeldatatt631d ago

the neck is a bit long but it's not meant to be an exact replica, which I love. like the artist really made the character her own and I love it.

Cobra951631d ago (Edited 631d ago )

Yeah, more than just someone. His look reflects how tough it has been. Master Sword ready. Very nicely done.

guywazeldatatt630d ago

my favorite part is the cold look on his face.

guywazeldatatt631d ago

it's a little atypical but honestly some of her art is the best fanart I've ever seen.

guywazeldatatt631d ago

haha yeah he's all in battle and he has an elongated neck, but I still think he looks like a badass.