How PlayStation Can Improve Their Totaku Line of Toys

On this episode of The Trophy Room, Host joseph and Josh talk about their thoughts on PlayStations new shoes. How they would fix Playstation's new toy line called, "totaku". What would our dream Alien game look like, and much more!
What we've been playing 00:00 - 12:00
IF I WAS SHUE! Totaku line 12:01 - 24:09
IF I WAS SHOE PS Shoe released 24:10 - 31:24
New limited edition PS4 Pro and God Of War News! 31:24 - 46:45
ALIEN GAME!!!!! 46:46 - Fin

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masterfox1001d ago

hmm interesting picture on this article, one is the Hunter from Bloodborne and the other is Mario....again!.... which is better...hmmm. ***imagines, the hunter slicing Mario to bits***, hmmm, that was easy The hunter all the freaking way!! :D

guywazeldatatt1001d ago

I'm not really interested honestly. Nintendo just has that disney-esque charm to it. idk. we'll see how it turns out.

-Foxtrot1001d ago

I really don't know people are comparing them to Amiibos...

I'd be more annoyed if Sony was doing it themselves and were locking features/content behind this figures.

fenome1001d ago

Yeah, physical microtransactions is a slippery slope I don't want to see them start sliding down.

marloc_x1001d ago

If it was Sony, this would be ok with the community here..